Available Resources

ADAPT is focused on helping people with substance abuse issues and addiction problems. (509) 247-2731

Behavioral health providers in the medical clinic to deliver strategic counseling. (509) 247-2361

The Family Advocacy Program addresses the familial and interpersonal aspects of daily living. (509) 247-2687

We aim to improve the quality of life and health by providing a variety of free classes and services.(509) 247-5590

There are many medical providers here available to assist you with your unique issues. (509) 247-2361

Adult MFLC: 509-217-4557 OR 507-369-4596

Child & Youth Behavioral MFLC: 314-306-3235 OR  830-929-5314

Available Resources

We nurture, equip and inspire Team Fairchild as we develop and maintain spiritual fitness. (509) 247-2264

We provide victim advocacy by restricted and unrestricted reporting. (509) 247-2016

This is the policy of treating employees and others without discrimination, especially on the basis of their sex, race, or age. (509) 247-2555

Serves by executing the complaint resolution process and proactively training members about IG processes and fraud, waste, and abuse issues. (509) 247-1137

We provide restricted and unrestricted reporting and victims advocates. (509) 247-7272

Helps families prepare for any kind of demand, throughout activation, mobilization, deployment and beyond. (509) 247-2246