Flyovers & Static Displays

Due to sequestratian and recent budget cuts, the Air Force can no longer support flyover requests.

Air Force and DOD assets belong to the American people and participation by Air Force people and display of Air Force equipment in public events furthers public understanding of the Air Force mission. Air Force policy is to keep costs to a minimum. Participation requiring additional cost to the government should be avoided unless considered in the best interest of the Air Force.

Per Air Force Instruction 35-105 Community Relations
Flyover Requests

The Air Force takes part in events at military and civilian locations to keep the public and military informed of U.S. preparedness, to demonstrate modern weapons systems, to promote good community and international relations, to support Air Force recruiting and retention efforts, and to render military honors.

Flyovers of public events in support of community relation activities must be flown as an addition to an approved training mission. Air Force participation in any public event shall be in keeping with DODD 5410.18, Public Affairs Community Relations Policy, and DODI 5410.19, Public Affairs Community Relations Policy Implementation. Authority to approve most requests from organizations requesting off-base aviation support has been delegated by the OASD/PA to the military services. Per delegation from the Secretary of the Air Force memorandum "Exception to Policy Flyover Approval Request", dated 10 Aug 1998, the approval authority for Air Force participation in such events is SAF/PA in coordination with AF/A3/5.

Safety is the primary consideration. All pertinent safety regulations of the Department of Defense, Department of the Air Force, and the Federal Aviation Administration shall be strictly enforced. Air Force participation at events requires approval for eligibility and level of support (SAF/PAY) and participation approval (AF/A3O).

While the public affairs community approves the appropriateness of an event for Air Force participation, the operations community concurs on the operational issues impacting the feasibility and cost of the participation.

SAF/PAY is the approval authority for all Air Force aviation public event requests including those in support of patriotic holidays. SAF/PAY determines eligibility, IAW DOD and AF policy, for all aviation-related events and non-aviation-related events.

All events scheduled for or that may attract national or international media coverage must be coordinated with SAF/PA and OASD/PA. Send requests, through PA channels, to SAF/PAY at least 45 days before the event date or as soon as the event is known.

Requests for off-base flyovers will be considered by SAF/PAY only for aviation-oriented events (i.e., air shows, airport anniversaries or dedications) or for patriotic observances held in conjunction with formal observances, open to the public, on Armed Forces Day (third Saturday in May), Memorial Day (last Monday in May), Independence Day (4 July), Prisoner Of War/Missing in Action (POW/MIA) Recognition Day (third Friday in September), and Veterans Day (11 November) when held within seven days of the holiday date. Exceptions-to-policy for events other than those listed above shall be considered by SAF/PAY on a case-by-case basis after determining appropriateness and benefit of Air Force participation. Note: Sporting events require SAF/PAY exception-to-policy approval regardless of the date. For example, a professional or local baseball game on July 4th must be approved by SAF/PAY.

Static Displays
Authorized only at airfields, heliports, and landing sites meeting the qualifications prescribed in AFI 13-218, Air Traffic System Evaluation Program, as supplemented by MAJCOMs. Static displays should have at least one qualified crewmember available to answer questions from spectators and to ensure security. Static displays do not require FAA approval.

To request a flyover or static display, please click here and complete per the instructions.

Base Tours

Tours of the base are provided beginning March 1 through October 31, to various community organizations, high schools, businesses and academic military recruitment programs (ROTC/JROTC) to educate their members about the missions of Fairchild and Air Mobility Command. Tours are offered weekdays and may be cancelled at any time due to mission requirements.


  • Tours are limited to a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 45 participants.
  • Participants must be high school students and above. No tours are held for children in elementary or middle school.
  • Requests must be submitted to the 92nd Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs Office no later than four weeks prior to the desired tour date. All requests are given equal consideration and are granted on a first-requested, first-serve basis.
  • A list of participants' names (last, first, MI), dates of birth and social security numbers must be submitted to the 92nd ARW Public Affairs Office at least 10 days prior to the tour date. For non-U.S. citizens, please inquire.

To request a tour, fill out the Fairchild Tour Request Form and return it to

For more information, contact 92nd ARW Public Affairs Community Engagement at (509) 247-5705.

Guest Speakers

Air Force and DOD assets belong to the American people and participation by Air Force people and display of Air Force equipment in public events furthers public understanding of the Air Force mission.

Per Air Force Instruction 35-105 Community Relations
Air Force members may appear in uniform at local community-wide, civic-sponsored events only when the approving commander believes participation is appropriate and in good taste; the individuals volunteer for the assignment; there is no interference with military duties or operations; participation involves no additional cost to the government; and the event meets the basic participation criteria. This applies to active-duty, reserve component, and retired military.

To make a speaker request, please contact 92nd ARW Public Affairs Community Engagement at (509) 247-5705 or at

The Mission

Active community relations programs enable commanders to enhance Airman morale and readiness and public trust and support. Air Force professionals involved in the communities where they live become front-line ambassadors for the Air Force. Through active programs, the Air Force demonstrates it is a community partner and a responsible steward of resources.

Contact Information

Fairchild Community Engagement
1 East Bong Street, Suite 228
Fairchild AFB, WA 99011
Phone: (509) 247-5705

Honorary Commanders

The Honorary Commander program was created bring military wing, group and squadron commanders together to partner with and educate influential members of the community such as business leaders and chamber of commerce members, on the similarities and differences of military and civilian operations. The program brings together leaders from the military and civilian communities in an informal program designed to continue to foster mutual understanding and establish bonds of friendship.

If you are a group or squadron commander and are new to Fairchild Air Force Base, please contact our office with a request for an Honorary Commander. If you are an outgoing commander, please inform our office in order for your Honorary Commander to be reassigned.

 For more information about Fairchild's Honorary Commander Program, please contact 92nd ARW Public Affairs Community Engagement at (509) 247-5705.