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  • Telework commentary

    Fairchild AFB has elevated its Health Protection Condition in response to the fast spread of Coronavirus 2019; in response, Fairchild members and families are encouraged to practice prevention measures.
  • Managing Your Child’s Behavior

    Raising children can be difficult, and even downright maddening sometimes. Young children in particular can test the limits of our patience and sanity. Children begin to question the world around them as part of normal human development around the age of two. They begin to explore what happens when they say “no” to everything and everyone. They begin to touch and discover the world around them. They are becoming little scientists in the big laboratory we know as life.
  • Strength in Tears

    When it comes to who inspires me, I don’t have to look further than my best friend, my wife.
  • The military mom - the warrior wife

    You and I sleep safe at night all because this Warrior is prepared to fight. Some wars are waged within. Knowing just where to begin can indeed be the hardest part…oh where, oh where do I start? Complexity of words in fact an art. Telling you her story a very small part.
  • National Women’s History Month: Making a mark on history

    The theme of Women’s History Month this March is “Visionary Women: Champions of Peace and Nonviolence.” Recognizing women who have championed these values throughout the years is important as well as understanding how everyone can make their own mark.
  • The effects of domestic violence on the growing child

    Who was your first love? For most of us, we think about our first attraction or our first, non-platonic relationship. I would suggest that our real first love is the bond we form with our parents or caregivers. The ability of a parent to give hope, empathy or reassurance can form a unique and everlasting connection that helps the child trust and show empathy to others. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a period set aside to raise the awareness of the effects of physical and other forms of abuse. It’s also a time to dedicate ourselves to stand up for children living in fear in these hostile environments.
  • October is Energy Action Month

    October is Energy Action Month, which makes this is the opportune time to give an update on the Fairchild Energy Program.
  • Are You Compliant Or Are You Committed?

    I was reading a great book a few years ago that had a positive impact on me: Change the Culture, Change the Game by Roger Connors and Tom Smith.
  • Inside the Honor Guard

    I realized I was witnessing an amazing process as I peered through the camera on a hazy August day, snapping picture after picture of Airmen transforming into something greater; my former distain slowly becoming a desire to partake of this special duty Honor Guard duty as well.
  • Farewell to Team Fairchild

    As I bid you farewell I reminisce on the dedication and innovation I witnessed these past two years. It was truly astounding. Thank you for the heart and soul you give your Air Force and your nation. Service to a greater good than yourself is what makes military service and support so unique in our society. I have been extremely lucky to have served with such patriots.