Restoration Advisory Board


The Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) at Fairchild AFB is a dynamic forum fostering partnership and open exchange of information among the base, the community, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), and state environmental bodies. As an integral part of the environmental restoration process, the RAB ensures comprehensive community involvement, enabling local voices to contribute meaningfully to our Environmental Restoration Program.

Our board, comprising engaged citizens, community group members, educational institution representatives, and officials from Spokane City/County, Washington State Department of Ecology, and USEPA. These meetings are public, and we warmly invite community members to attend, listen, and engage. Post-meeting, attendees have the opportunity to submit questions regarding the presentations, which will be promptly addressed by an Air Force representative via email or phone. For more details about the RAB or upcoming meetings, please reach out to Fairchild AFB Public Affairs at (509)-247-5705.


Fairchild Restoration RAB Charter Link to PDF

Upcoming RAB

The next RAB is scheduled for February 7th, 2024. The location of the 2024 RAB is the Shriners Event Center Bay #3, 7217 W Westbow Blvd Spokane WA 99224. The RAB will be held from 3:00pm to 4:30pm. Topics will include Off-Base and On-Base PFAS contamination, Performance Based Remediation progress, upcoming studies, and more.

How to join the rab

We are currently looking for Airway Heights and surrounding area community members to serve on the RAB. If you are interested in serving on the RAB, please reach out to AFCEC at

rab co-chairs

Jonathan Welge (Community Co-Chair)

  • Community Co-Chair
  • 30 years of environmental assessment and remediation
  • Eastern Washington University graduate with a BA in Physical Geography and BAE in Earth Science

Col. Charles Fletcher (Air Force Co-Chair)


RAB Members

Larry Bowman (City of Airway Heights Mayor)

Terri Cooper (City of Medical Lake Mayor)

Spokane Tribe, Honorable Richard “Tiger” Peone (Tribal Representative)

Michael LaScuola (Spokane Regional Health District)

Jaclyn Satira (USEPA Region 10)

Jason Cook (Washington Department of Ecology)

Dr. Hugh Lefcort (Community Representative)

Doug Greenlund (Community Representative)

Chuck Gruenenfelder (Community Representative)

Cecil Smith (Community Member)

Cris Carver (Community Member)

Mo Noder (Community Member)

John Hancock (Community Member

FAFB Open House


In alignment with each RAB meeting, Fairchild AFB and our partners host a community poster session/open house. This event extends the dialogue from the RAB meetings, showcasing detailed presentations on crucial topics such as FAFB’s off-site PFAS contamination. It's an opportunity for direct interaction between the community and Air Force representatives, encouraging discussions on a range of subjects, from the nuances of the RAB presentations to broader environmental concerns like PFAS and its impact on personal property.

For those unable to converse with a representative at the event but with questions needing attention, we offer question forms for submission. An Air Force representative will ensure a timely response to these inquiries, maintaining our commitment to open communication and community engagement.

Upcoming Open Houses

The next independent Public Open house is scheduled for 6:00pm to 8:00pm on February 7th 2024. Location is the Shriners Event Center Bay #3, 7217 W Westbow Blvd Spokane WA 99224.

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