Family Advocacy


Family Advocacy’s mission is to build healthy and safe military families by offering a myriad of programs designed to prevent, intervene in, and treat child and partner maltreatment.  Prevention services include pre and post-natal services; couples, individual, and family counseling; and educational classes.


Resources available to meet this goal:

  • Prevention Classes
    Couples Communication Class

    Stress Management

    Anger Management

    Parenting Classes (1-2-3 Magic, Love & Logic, Surviving Your Adolescence)

    How to Avoid Falling In Love with a Jerk (ette)

    True Colors personality inventory


  • Prevention and Treatment

    Couples, individual and family counseling

    WA state certified domestic violence perpetrator treatment programs for men and women


  • Domestic Abuse Victim Advocate (DAVA)

    24/7 Crisis Intervention (247-2016)

    Safety Planning

    Assisting with civilian/military no-contact orders

    Healthy relationship education

    Court accompaniment


  • New Parent Support Program

    Home/office visits by community nurse

    Services for pregnancy to three years old

    Parenting Skills, ages and stages, nutrition questions

    92d Medical Group OB Orientation, 3rd Trimester Class

    Water Babies Class

    Dads the Basics Class




    Call Family Advocacy at 247-2687