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  • Snow plows save Stratotankers

    A KC-135 Stratotanker descends below the clouds and into the falling snow as it approaches Fairchild Air Force Base. The pilots are calm as they make preparations to land, knowing that the flightline conditions are clear as can be due to the ground crew’s attentiveness.
  • Career assistance advisor leads Airmen

    One of the many great assets that Team Fairchild provides to its Airmen when facing tough decisions like this is the career assistance advisor. The CAA, in an effort to help create a stronger and smarter force, provides resources and guidance to Airmen about the options they have when considering how they would like to shape their careers.
  • Programmed depot maintenance modernizes KC-135s

    With eight buildings, nearly 3,000 workers, and 26 KC-135 Stratotankers, the 564th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron at Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma, is the largest squadron in the U.S. Air Force, dedicated to providing programmed depot maintenance and upgrades to all U.S. Air Force KC-135s. Through a tedious process of inspections and upgrades to out-of-date aircraft parts, PDM ensures KC-135s continue the Rapid Global Mobility mission over the next 40 years, allowing the Stratotanker fleet to fly operationally for nearly 100 years before their anticipated retirement.
  • BASH program saves birds and aircraft

    A juvenile rough-legged hawk soars through the skies over the Fairchild airfield. As the hawk flies over, he is drawn to a subtle movement along the grass perimeter. The bird swoops over to get a closer look at its next meal. A mouse scurries inside a metal structure when, ‘snap!’ a cage trap shuts the hawk in.
  • Fairchild supports Airmen with grief support group

    Team Fairchild Airmen and 92nd Medical Group workers created a Grief Support Group for Airmen and their family members grieving after the death of a loved one.
  • Fairchild weather ‘forecasts’ mission success

    During an early winter morning, a 92nd Operations Support Squadron weather forecaster sits below a Doppler radar monitoring weather patterns. When he looks up, he sees a sudden change in the pattern - an ominous snow storm shifting its sights toward Fairchild.
  • Faithful to a proud heritage: Bret Bowers

    Millions of people around the United States observe Veterans Day in celebration of service members. For Idaho State native and former Air Force veteran, this holiday is observed every day. Bret Bowers, Mann-Grandstaff Veteran Affairs Medical Hospital Public Affairs officer and former a U.S. Air Force buck sergeant, views Veterans Day as a way to honor veterans that have and are currently serving.
  • Non-destructive inspections Airmen see the unseeable, keep KC-135 flying

    Airmen from the 92nd Maintenance Squadron NDI section are unique from other career fields because they use six different techniques to inspect aircraft parts without taking them apart, saving time while ensuring aircraft are safe. NDI methods include ultrasonic waves, fluorescent penetrant, magnetic particle inspection, radiography and eddy current to inspect aircraft parts for cracks, weak spots and many more issues.
  • Inspirational Air Force POW visits Team Fairchild

    Retired U.S. Air Force Col. Lee Ellis, Vietnam War F-4 Phantom pilot, describes the fateful night he and his comrade were shot down and captured during the Vietnam conflict to Team Fairchild Airmen as part of a monthly leadership speaker series, Oct. 8, at the base theater.The Fairchild Speaker Series is a monthly event where experts and leaders from diverse career fields come to share leadership insights with Team Fairchild and provide Airmen the opportunity to expand their professional development in preparation for the potential challenges of today and tomorrow.
  • Vehicle Maintenance innovates, saves

    The 92nd LRS is the go-to shop for all of Team Fairchild’s ground vehicle maintenance and repairs, keeping the fleet of passenger cars, fire trucks, snow clearing machines and specialty cargo loading vehicles operational. They are essential to keeping the ground operations that support the base’s refueling mission running smoothly.