The military mom - the warrior wife

  • Published
  • By Susan D. Dalton
  • 92nd Contracting Squadron

You and I sleep safe at night all because this Warrior is prepared to fight. Some wars are waged within. Knowing just where to begin can indeed be the hardest part…oh where, oh where do I start? Complexity of words in fact an art. Telling you her story a very small part.

A mother of six. A wife of one. Her journey to a foreign land has begun. Calibrating fear of the unknown against the love and dedication she has shown. She has traveled far and wide. She has represented the United States Air Force with devotion and pride.

She wore the uniform. Carried a gun. Relentlessly prepared to send enemies on the run. She provided for her husband and six kids--confirming the blessings of a life well lived.

I admire her in ways big and small. This true Warrior has it all. Beautiful, strong, smarter than most; yet, of all her accomplishments she does not boast. Her family honors her most.

Time moves forward ever fast. A genuine shadow walker through history’s past. Not someone the world has known, yet most truly a beautiful and loyal soul.

Can you name her? Perhaps, one of her kids? Do you have any idea what she and her family were asked to give? They gave their mother. He gave his wife. She, herself, prepared to give her life. Can you claim such bravery? Dedication or Devotion my dear--by all means, tell me I’d like to hear. Seriously, how in the world did you overcome such crippling fear?

A Contracting Warrior extraordinaire, no way did she fluff and stuff--this Sargent truly knows her stuff. No bluff. Definitely, definitely tough-enough.

Sometimes inspiration comes and goes...really, it just ebbs and flows. I will fall in line. Carry my pack. Follow you willingly there and back.

Do you know where the mom stops and the leader begins? Not many do you know, because her love, dedication, and devotion is not just for show. But, this you must already know. Just who is she? You wonder now? Yesterday? Today? Tomorrow? Right here--Right now? Hidden within the heart of each of you could be a Contracting Warrior, too?

Throughout history what has turned the tide is Warriors like her by your side. In the dark of night. In the light of day. History often times loses sight of everyone’s valor along the way.  I, however, will never forget you my dearest beloved Warrior are 100% legit.