92nd LRS selected to use new electronic fuels transaction system, streamlining mission capabilities

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Morgan Dailey
  • 92nd Air Refueling Wing

The 92nd Logistic Readiness Squadron installed Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) devices on the installation for aircraft and ground transportation to enhance and digitalize fuel operations Oct. 24.

EPoS devices operate in real time, eliminating the use of paper and decreasing the probability of human error.

“Our goal for Fairchild is to identify problems, provide solutions, and help direct guidance to the active-duty Air Force for the EPoS device,” said Master Sgt Daniel Rey, 92nd LRS fuel superintendent. “We’re finally taking a step into the 21st century.”

Rey advocated for Fairchild to be chosen as an EPoS recipient once he learned about the device. Out of the 18 bases the DoD allotted to receive the EPoS device, Fairchild was the only active-duty base.

There are two separate devices, the EPoS fixed device and the EPoS mobile device. The EPoS fixed device is for ground transportation Airmen to service government vehicles, while the EPoS mobile device is designed for fuels specialist responsible for refueling aircraft on the ground.

EPoS devices operate using QR codes or payment fuel cards. QR codes are replacing Vehicle Identification Link (VIL) keys, the current method of logging and tracking fuel.

“I’m really looking forward to utilizing the EPoS device at Fairchild,” said Tech Sgt. Jacob Heppler, 92nd LRS noncommissioned officer in charge of fuel support. “We took all the lessons learned from previously failed devices and beta tested the EPoS device at other bases.”

The EPoS device can operate without connectivity, saving and recording data that will be sent upon restoring connection to its server. This modernization streamlines fuel operations by eliminating the delays of handwritten data and increases the availability of fuels specialists to support aircraft.

Rapidly equipping the 92nd LRS fuels operations with new and relevant technology, such as the EPoS, is critical to ensuring the 92nd Air Refueling Wing can project Global Reach anytime, anywhere.