Defense Personal Property System


Hours of Operation:

  • Monday - Wednesday 0800-1500
  • Thursday, Friday - 0800-1400

Requirements prior to setting of shipment:

  • Member must have hard copy of orders
  • Member must provide TMO 21 days notice from date of briefing to date of pickup to request booking by JPPSO
  • Allow 30-45 days notice during peak move season, i.e., Apr-Aug

What is DPS?

  • Counseling
  • 10 things customers need to know about DPS
  • Customer rights
  • Customer's responsibilities (Origin/Destination)
  • TSP's responsibilities
  • Customer's stop button during pickup or delivery
  • Information to publicize to customers


  • The ability to self-counsel and submit your application online, instead of traveling to a Transportation Office (TO). Member will need to call origin TMO to follow up after they have submitted their request.
  • The ability to track your shipment through DPS or Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • The option to file a claim online, and to settle directly with your moving company, also called the Transportation Service Provider or TSP
  • Full Replacement Value (FRV) of lost and damaged goods, as opposed to depreciated value offered in the past
  • The opportunity to make sure only quality, reputable companies handle and ship your personal belongings, and those of your fellow service members and DoD civilians, by completing the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS)


  • With the release of DPS, you now have two options on how you complete your counseling process.

1. You can sit with a personal property counselor, by contacting your local Personal Property Processing Office (PPPO)/Transportation Office and schedule an appointment.

2. You can log into DPS and perform an online self counseling. DPS will review your entitlements with you, and walk you through the process of setting up your move.

  • If this is your first personal property move.
  • If this is your last personal property move (retirement or separation).
  • If you are not the property owner and using a Power of Attorney.
  • If you are moving personal property as "next of kin" or are a Summary Courts Officer.
    • Note: If customer falls into any of these categories he/she must contact the local transportation office to initiate move.

Before beginning the Self Counseling process:

1. Create or reactivate DPS account. Visit, select "create new account " or " Sign in to DPS".

Follow instruction

          a) If creating new account via website you will be asked to provide your personal information.

            b) If you already have a DPS account you will be taken to the main Electronic Transportation

Acquisition (ETA) at

2. If an "Authentication Error" notification is received, contact the System Response Center (SRC) Help Desk Toll Free Number (800) 462-2176 for assistance.


  • The TMO office has a small cyber café set up to assist members who wish to self-counsel with assistance from a counselor. We do request you obtain your DPS log in prior to coming to the office to do a proctored self-counseling

3. Ensure the Personal Computer (PC) used has Internet access.

a. Apple or Macintosh Web Browsers are currently not compatible for use with DPS.
b. Pop Up Blocker must be turned off for DPS to function properly.

4. Ensure you have a valid civilian electronic email account (yahoo, hotmail, gmail, etc.). Any email account that is not an official government or a military email account is a civilian account. If you do not have a civilian account, you should create one before you start yourself counseling.

5. Review the Training Tab information in the upper right corner of the DPS Customer's home page.

While using the Self Counseling module: NOTE: the NTS Function in DPS is non-operational. Contact your TO if you require Non-Temporary Storage (long term storage of 1 year or more).

6. If you receive the "DPS Core Error" or "Unable to Process Last Request" error message while in the Self Counseling module, do the following:

  • Clear Internet cache
  • Log out of DPS
  • Log completely out of ETA
  • Log Back into ETA and DPS

If the problem persists call the SRC Toll-Free (800) 462-2176 (option 5) for further assistance.

7. If you receive a "Timed Out" message:

a. Click on any other Tab at the top of the screen
b. After the other Tab loads Click back on the Self Counseling Tab. If the Self Counseling Tab doesn't come up log out of DPS and then log completely out of ETA.
c. Call the SRC for further assistance.

After Self Counseling is completed:
  • A signed copy of your DD1299, DD1797, DD2278 (PPM) and Certification of Expense form MUST be provided to the TMO office to complete the booking process.
8. You'll receive an email identifying the moving company that is responsible for your move. The email should contain contact info. for that company. If you do not receive that info within two weeks of your requested pack out dates, contact your local transportation office for assistance.
  • Your Fairchild TMO also provides a courtesy copy of the shipment/carrier information, phone numbers etc for each shipment booked through this office

9. To file a Loss and Damage Report: Log into DPS, click on "File A Claim "/Blue
Button on right-hand sidebar. For help Click on "Tutorials" Tab , Click on "File a Loss
& Damage Report" link on left sidebar on website
10. To file a Claim: Log into DPS, click on "Start my Claim" /Green Button on right hand
sidebar. For help Click on "Tutorials" Tab , Click on "File a Claim" link on left
sidebar on website

Please contact the TMO office if you have difficulty filing your claim. We will walk you through the process with a counselor ready to assist you utilizing our cyber cafe.


  • Monitor the wrapping and packing of your items. Make sure everything is wrapped individually and adequately. Make sure heavy items are not packed on top of light items. Do not allow your property to be taken to the warehouse to be packed without first consulting the TO.
  • Carefully read the inventory prepared by the TSP's personnel before you sign. Look at it from time to time while the items are packed. Ensure all boxes and loose items are listed correctly on the inventory. If a box contains crystal, or ceramic figurines, make sure the inventory says "crystal" or "Hummel's" or "Lladros," etc., instead of a generic description such as "kitchen items" or "glass."
  • A good inventory shows what you shipped and what condition the item was in at the time of pickup. If your inventory is inaccurate, tell the TSP's representative, and write down why you disagree at the bottom of the inventory in the space marked for exceptions.
  • Do not argue with the TSP's representative. If you have a problem, call your TO at once.
  • If you discover any loss and/or damage at the time of delivery, list all missing and or damaged items by appropriate inventory number on the DD Form 1840, Joint Statement of Loss or Damage at Delivery/Defense Personal Property Program Notification of Loss or Damage AT Delivery Form. Do not sign for services if the TSP did not perform them
  • Do not argue with the TSP. Contact the destination TO if problems arise.
  • Purpose of Pre-Move Survey: TSP or TSPs representative determines weight/volume of property to be packed/loaded, quantity and type of packing materials required, whether or not items require special crating (e.g., marble tops, artwork, grandfather clock), whether a Third-Party should be involved to disassemble certain objects (e.g., German Wall Unit, other specialized furniture/equipment). If a TSP/TSP representative feels special services are required that were not identified at the time of counseling, the TSP/TSP representative submits a request to the TO for review/approval. (The TO makes the final determination. If denied, you can request the TSP to provide specialized services, however, at your own expense).
  • TSP/TSP representative determines the number of days required to pack/pickup shipment.
  • TSP/TSP representative and you can negotiate pack, pickup and delivery dates during the Pre-Move Survey.
  • Use new, clean packing materials for linen, clothing, and bedding.
  • Wrap and protect all finished surfaces from marring or scratching; use furniture pads.
  • Should a member have irresolvable issues with the TSP during pickup or delivery, it is imperative for the member to call the local Transportation Office QA.
    • AF bases will ensure their customers have access to QA via telephone number
    • AF bases will perform 100% QA inspections on all IB/OB moves preferably with an onsite visit within 30 miles of the base, or telephonically for all distance's.
  • After delivery of your shipment, you will have the opportunity to complete a Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS). This survey is very important since it impacts the quality ranking of Transportation Service Providers (TSPs). TSPs with better scores will be offered more shipments; therefore you have the opportunity to influence the selection of TSPs for your future shipments as well as the shipments of your fellow DoD personnel. Upon delivery of your shipment, you will automatically receive an email with a link to your CSS or you can access your survey by logging on to DPS and clicking on the CSS tab .
  • Keep your TSP and origin/destination TO informed of any changes to include pickup/delivery address, telephone number/e-mail address changes.
  • If unpacking is waived anytime during delivery, the TSP is not required to return later to unpack or remove debris.
  • Note: There are a variety of avenues for getting information out to the customer(s). (i.e., Smooth Move @ Family Readiness, pamphlets, FLYER W.I.R.E. base newsletter, town hall meetings, etc.)