AFOSI Detachment 322

The Air Force Office of Special Investigations has been the Air Force's major investigative service since Aug.1, 1948. The agency reports to the Inspector General, Office of the Secretary of the Air Force.

AFOSI provides professional investigative service to commanders of all Air Force activities. Its primary responsibilities are criminal investigations and counterintelligence services.

The command provides five robust capabilities:

1. Protect critical technologies and information;

2. Detect and mitigate threats;

3. Provide global specialized Services;

4. Conduct major criminal investigations

5. Engage foreign adversaries and threats offensively.

AFOSI Training

What is initial AFOSI training like?

The U.S. Air Force Special Investigations Academy (USAFSIA) is located on the grounds of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Glynco, Ga., where all new Air Force Office of Special Investigation recruits receive their entry-level investigative training.

New OSI special agent recruits begin training at FLETC with an 11-week course called the Criminal Investigator Training Program (CITP). This course is attended by trainees from almost all federal investigative agencies. The CITP provides basic investigative training in law, interviewing, informants, defensive tactics, emergency driving, evidence processing, firearms, search and seizure, arrest techniques, report writing, testifying and surveillance. Students also participate in physical training several times a week.

The CITP is followed by eight weeks of training in OSI-specific coursework. In this course, topics of instruction include OSI organization and mission, ethics, investigative responsibility and jurisdiction, interrogations, military law, crimes against property and persons (physical and sexual), liaison, the role of investigative experts, computer crime, forensics, fraud investigations, environmental crime, counterintelligence collections and investigations and force-protection programs.

Blue Crime Tip Line

· The Blue Crime Tip Line is a program designed to gather information regarding criminal activity affecting Fairchild AFB.
· The Blue Crime Tip Line gives all callers the safety of reporting crimes without giving up their identity.
· All calls are automatically answered by a pre-recorded answering machine that is checked by an AFOSI Special Agent.
· All tips are taken seriously and will be thoroughly investigated to the extent the information given allows.
· The Blue Crime Tip Line is driven towards crime prevention and the protection of FAFB and its personnel. All information received could be beneficial in solving cases involving criminal activity, narcotics, fraud, and counterintelligence.

The narcotics program is focused on countering controlled substance abuse involving Fairchild AFB personnel. AFOSI targets military members who use, distribute, and traffic controlled substances as well as civilians who distribute to military members. Some of the controlled substances that are illegally used and distributed include:

· Mushrooms
· Cocaine
· Ecstasy
· Marijuana
· Methamphetamine
· Spice (Even if it is sold legally locally, it is still illegal for military members)
· Salvia
· Non-prescribed/expired medication
· Steroids
· Other than intended use of medications (i.e. Nyquil, Sudafed PE, Robitussin, etc...)

If you have any information regarding someone you believe to be illegally using, distributing, or trafficking these or any other controlled substances, please contact the Blue Crime Tip Line to report anything suspicious.

AFOSI has the sole responsibility of investigating felony level criminal activity on Fairchild AFB. This is done by aggressively investigating allegations received from those affected by, or who have knowledge of, criminal activity. In order to continue to serve those who are affected by crimes, we must receive information from people who are aware of the criminal activity. Some of the more common types of felony level crimes AFOSI investigates are:

· Sex Offenses: Sexual Assault/Rape, Sexual Intercourse with a Person Under Age 16, Solicitation of a Minor over the Internet, Child Sexual Abuse
· Theft/Destruction of Government Property
· Cyber Crime: Possession/Distribution of Child Pornography, Systems Intrusions, Illegal Interception of Electronic Communications, and Hacking/Willful Damage of DoD Computer Systems
· Murder, Attempted Murder, and Aggravated Assault
· Compromise of USAF Test Material
· Fraudulent Enlistment
· Desertion
· Extortion
· Arson
· Armed Robbery and/or A Weapon Used to Cause Serious Bodily Harm

If you have information of someone committing, or who is a victim of any of the above crimes, please contact the Blue Crime Tip Line. Remember, no matter how insignificant your information may seem, it could solve a case!


As a US Government Official, YOU are a target for elicitation and exploitation by foreign intelligence services (FISS).

Potential Espionage Indicators and Behaviors
· Foreign contacts/loyalty
· Mishandling of classified information
· Unexplained affluence
· Misuse of information systems
· Frequent unexplained trips of short duration
· Regularly working overtime and weekends for no specific reason
· Request for information or access outside of need to know
· Statements indicating disgruntlement with US government

All USAF military members are required by AFI 71-101 Vol 4, to report any reportable contacts or acquired reportable information immediately, either verbally or in writing to AFOSI.

What is a Contact?
· Personal contact with any individual who suggests a foreign intelligence or any terrorist organization may have targeted them or others
· A request by anyone for illegal or unauthorized access to classified or unclassified information
· Contact with a known or suspected foreign intelligence officer or attaché
· Contact with a foreign diplomatic establishment
· Activities related to planned, attempted, or actual espionage, terrorism, unauthorized technology transfer, sabotage, sedition, subversion, spying, treason, or unlawful intelligence activities against the US
· Compromise or release of unauthorized classified or unclassified controlled info
· Unauthorized intrusions or attempts to bypass automated information systems

The AFOSI fraud program is designed to identify, neutralize, and prevent fraud threats to the Air Force Procurement and Financial systems. AFOSI identifies and reports systemic weaknesses and internal control deficiencies. AFOSI teams with customers to jointly detect and deter fraud. Some common types of fraud cases AFOSI investigates include:

· Product substitution
· Defective, unapproved and counterfeit parts
· Public corruption (Bribery, kickbacks, embezzlement)
· Bid Rigging
· Anti-trust
· False statements/claims
· Mischarging
· Environmental crimes
· Defective pricing
· Pay and allowance fraud
· Diversion of Government property
· Entitlement fraud

For more information call AFOSI Detachment 322 at 509-247-2591
Call 509-247-1OSI (1674) to report any criminal information.
All callers will remain completely anonymous if they choose.


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