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  • Korean War vet takes a trip down memory lane

    “There was a war to fight, and if the young people weren’t going to fight in it, who was?” George Prentiss a Korean War and Air Force veteran, spoke these very words when talking about the time he decided to join the air force in 1950. Prentiss worked in a mail room and as a soda jerk in Boston before serving in the Air Force. Motivated by the war, he persuaded his father to let him enlist in October 1950, a few months before he turned 18. He was stationed at Fairchild Air Force Base for four years as a B-36 Peacemaker piston engine mechanic, but separated when the Air Force began transitioning to jet engine-powered aircraft.
  • Through the smoke

    Ash fills the air of southwest Oregon, producing clouds that reach up to 16,000 feet overhead. To the naked eye, it is an opaque mass hiding any view of the burning ground below; to the crew of the RC-26, everything is visible.
  • Serving others through SERE

    Born in Dayton, Ohio, Elizabeth “Liz” Russell was used to not staying in the same location for very long. Her father was a salesman for the government, selling transducers for spacesuits and submarines.
  • Airman loses father, gains Air Force family

    A five year old asks his mom to see his dad. “Later,” his mom replied. Hours later, police officers show up on their doorsteps to deliver some bad news: his dad had died.
  • One table to remember all

    Within every military dining facility, during every military event and where veterans can be found walking the halls, one can often find a table with a single place setting.
  • Enlisted commissioning opportunities

    Information about the paths to officer for enlisted Airmen.
  • AF Wounded Warrior Program helps Airmen recover

    The Air Force Wounded Warrior Program is a congressionally-mandated, federally-funded program that provides personalized care, services and advocacy to seriously wounded, ill or injured recovering service members, their caregivers or families.
  • ISO Management making 2040 happen

    The ISO Inspection is conducted every two years by a total force team of Airmen. They inspect the entirety of the aircraft and fix issues that are found.
  • This Airman’s courage is no act

    Senior Airman Logan Lingren is not your typical recipient of Portraits of Courage, a top Air Force honor.
  • Caring for our four-legged partners

    To eliminate the possibility of a life-threatening scenario, x-ray exams are administered to the dogs anytime a health concern is presented or as the dogs approach a senior age.