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  • MPF innovates new identification process

    MPF Airmen took up the challenge to find a new method to streamline their processes and reduce the stresses on both them and their customers, which led them to automate some services to online platforms.
  • Nutrition, Sleep Hygiene and You

    Chocolate chip muffins, candy bars and greasy double-stacked burgers with extra cheese, bacon, large french fries and a soda on the side, while considered delicious by many, may be part of what’s holding people back from reaching their physical goals. Similar to a pyramid, nutrition plays a key role in an Airman’s foundation, keeping them healthy and strong, and let’s face facts: pyramids weren’t built on french-fry fields and burger patties.
  • Volunteer strength coach competes in warrior trials

    Recently Brett Campfield, 336th Training Group volunteer strength coach, competed in the Air Force Warrior Trials, a Wounded Warriors program event for Airmen to compete for a Warrior Games team slot. He was selected for the team to compete in indoor rowing, cycling, archery, track and sitting volleyball.
  • Team Fairchild innovates Cargo Deployment Function

    Airmen shout out ideas as a note taker scribbles them on paper, the efforts of their brainstorming covering each inch of the walls. Discussions about improvement for the cargo deployment function line jump from Airmen to Airmen as they work together to make a better process.
  • New performance clinic offers Airmen second chance

    The 92nd Medical Group started an innovative program in January to support full-spectrum readiness. HPC is composed of a multitude of medical specialists to deliver one-on-one, personalized care to address specific physical demands, and to change the culture of each group within the 92nd Air Refueling Wing using a proactive approach.
  • Team Fairchild participates in WSU STEM fair

    The U.S. Air Force’s greatest asset is its people, so it is essential to attract the best minds and talent to accomplish the complex missions required to fly, fight and win. Team Fairchild recently reached out to young innovators at a Washington State University event to inspire the Air Force leaders of tomorrow.
  • Teaching Air Force wilderness survival

    Regardless of weather, be it in the heat of the sun or the cold of the winter, Airmen can be found training in the woods, preparing for different isolated survival situations they might face in their careers. Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape specialists work around the clock to train Airmen to survive and return with honor. “We fail our
  • AFE Airmen provide tools to survive

    Soaring through the air thousands of feet up can be scary especially if the parachute doesn’t deploy properly. Part of the flight preparation checklist is making sure the aircrew is equipped with supplies for any situation that may arise. Aircrew Flight Equipment Airmen are the ones who ensure the safety of every flyer by providing them essential survival gear.
  • POL Airmen keep tankers flying

    Fairchild is renowned for its aerial refueling capabilities for the United States Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps and allied nation aircraft. The KC-135 Stratotanker has been called a “flying fuel depot,” but what many overlook is the Airmen who supply the gas it needs to accomplish its global reach mission.Airmen from the 92nd Logistics
  • Airmen balance life and work through break dancing

    The brain is often described as having two sides, a side that handles creative thinking and a side that handles logical and analytical thinking. It is often believed that individuals favor one side or the other, however, both play a crucial role in thinking and how one handles situations.“Having a balance between the two sides is important to