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  • Fairchild NCO escapes prison of abuse

    Fairchild NCO shares tale of surviving and overcoming an abusive childhood to succeed in the Air Force.
  • Fairchild firefighters train to maintain readiness

    Being responsible for thousands of lives, more than 4,000 acres of land and approximately 35 aircraft, the 92nd Civil Engineer Squadron fire department knows the importance of keeping their Airmen “rescue ready.”
  • Fairchild Finest: Tech. Sgt. Manuel Painter

    FAIRCHILD AIR FORCE BASE, Wash. – Nominee’s Rank and Name: TSgt Manuel Painter Unit of assignment:92 AMDS Nominee’s duty title:NCO In Charge of Dental LaboratoryHome town and state:Madrid, Spain.What do you do on a daily basis at Fairchild AFB?Fabricate dental prostheses.What do you enjoy about your job?Fabricating as many dental prostheses to
  • R4R helping Airmen stay resilient through Outdoor Rec

    Outdoor Recreation “is in the business of making people’s vacations,” but it is also in the business of helping people with resilience, social interaction and experiencing the local area’s great outdoors.Outdoor Recreation offers more than 250 trips a year at a small charge to Airmen and their families because of the “Recharge for Resiliency”
  • Health Promotion Office offers Airman performance upgrades

    The Health Promotion Office functions as a performance enhancing unit, tasked with helping Airmen stay fit to fight via fitness programs and healthy living choices.
  • Shaw, Fairchild Airmen fuel the fight

    A group of F-16CM Fighting Falcons take off from the foggy flightline at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina. They soar above the clouds and into the airspace over the Atlantic Ocean, heading east until they can no longer see the land behind them. Despite the meticulous checklists run on aircraft before they take flight, the jets are running low on fuel after being airborne for less than an hour.
  • Fairchild Airman one percent within one percent

    Monday through Friday Senior Airman Ricardo Longarini can be found at the 92nd Air Refueling Squadron creating flight orders, auditing and assigning aircrews to Fairchild refueling missions as a Squadron Aviation Resource Management Airman.
  • Bracing new Airmen for success

    Setting Airmen up for success in a new Air Force life is what the First Term Airman Course is all about.
  • Snow begins to fall on Fairchild, KC-135

    Spokane gets an average of 47 inches of snow per year, which provides opportunities for recreation as well as challenges with both ground and air travel. With rapidly dropping wind chills and the arrival of fog, snow and ice, Airmen from the 92nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron are spending time on the flight line clearing the way for the wing's global reach air refueling mission.
  • Fairchild's Finest Staff Sgt. Laura Grainger

    Fairchild's Finest Staff Sgt. Laura Grainger