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  • Flight planner keeps KC-135 mission moving ‘Forward’

    It takes more than starting engines and taking off to accomplish a flight mission. There are many processes to create a flight plan and Glen Forward, 92nd Operational Support Squadron dispatch flight planner, does just that. From working with the weather flight to the aircrew, Forward’s efforts make flying possible.
  • Road to the cage: an AF warrior's dream

    Staff Sgt. Tyler McGuire, 66th Training Squadron Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape specialist, has been preparing for more than nine years for his first Mixed Martial Arts world title match, scheduled for Nov. 17 in Indonesia.
  • To be the best, prepare for the worst

    Team Fairchild Defenders stand ready to handle any situation that comes their way, however, dangerous situations don’t occur often enough on base to familiarize every Security Forces Squadron Airman to best react to them.
  • Fairchild’s SFS, EOD heavy weapons qualification, familiarization

    Team Fairchild Airmen from the 92nd Security Forces Squadron and 92nd Civil Engineer Squadron Explosive Ordnance Disposal team participated in an annual weapons qualification and familiarization training at Coulee Dam, Washington, Sept. 26, 2018. Security Forces Airmen qualified with the 249AR machine gun, while the EOD team qualified with the M240B machine gun and were introduced to initial familiarization training with the Barret M107 rifle.
  • Fairchild commander connects with Airmen at all-call

    [Editor’s note: There will be a follow-up article with answers to questions submitted during the all-calls. Keep watching for updates.]Col. Derek Salmi, 92nd ARW commander, and Chief Master Sgt. Lee Mills, 92nd ARW command chief, gathered Airmen together with an “all-call” meeting to discuss Airmen’s quality of life, Air Force updates and upcoming
  • Defender Challenge returns

    The automatic email notification ping broke the early morning silence. Without advanced warning of the email’s importance, it was presumed to be unurgent. The security forces airman’s inbox sat unread, to be checked after his daily duties were completed. Unpredicted, this email would later open the door to an opportunity for Senior Airman Joseph Pace, 92nd Security Forces Squadron installation patrolman, to represent Air Mobility Command as a participant in the 2018 Defender Challenge, Sept. 10-13, at Joint Base San Antonio, Texas.
  • IPE finds bug, saves big

    Knowing what equipment you have is almost as important as knowing what you don’t; both are top mission priorities of 92nd Logistics Readiness Squadron Airmen who comb through the numerous rafters of the Individual Protective Equipment warehouse at Fairchild Air Force Base.
  • RED FLAG ALASKA 18-3 keeps Fairchild mission-ready

    The sky roared with engines as military aircraft from all over the world formed a mass convoy to accomplish one mission: international security. Amongst the aircraft buzzed a stagnant controller plane, monitoring flight patterns and operations, to ultimately ensure every coalition aircraft abided by the pre-determined rules of engagement. The slightest navigational error in execution could result in mission failure. Suddenly, the controller spotted a stray aircraft violating the approved flight path. Immediately the controller contacted the aircraft and dismissed them from the on-going operation for that day. There was no room for carelessness.
  • The KC-135 Stratotanker, all-American workhorse

    Air Mobility Command’s mission is to provide rapid global mobility … now, and the capability to accomplish that mission is attained and sustained by the persistent efforts of the KC-135 Stratotankers and the Airmen that support it.
  • Total Force CATM instructors work together to qualify Airmen

    As Airmen lay in the supported prone position, the Combat Arms Training and Maintenance instructor yells into the microphone, “Fire!” Carbon powder falls from the bolt catch as hot rounds of ammunition fly toward the target.