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  • Fairchild building runway to innovation

    Innovation is a common buzzword used in many settings as a catch-all to promote developing strategies, solutions and inventions that can improve efficiency, but also may turn out to become industry game changers.
  • AFREP: turning trash to treasure for Green in 19

    The 92nd Maintenance Group Air Force Repair Enhancement Program is ran by Airmen who take pride in contributing to the “Green in 19” initiative by restoring what would be waste into money-saving treasure. These professionals are a select group of Air Force experts who use their wide-range of skills and resources to tinker with assets that would otherwise be tossed away, giving other Air Force units the chance to save time and money.
  • Local female educator shares success story with Team Fairchild

    Dr. Cynthia Clauson, Spokane School District and STEM Innovation Network planner, spoke to Team Fairchild Airmen of all ranks and genders as part of Women’s History Month at Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington, March 12, 2019.
  • A survivor’s story: colon cancer

    The taste of metal filled his mouth as an icy current numbed his fingers and toes. The chemotherapy machine hummed sharply beside the bed, draining the medicine into his blood stream to attack the sickness manifesting in his body. It was March 10, 2018, when Christopher Hicks was diagnosed with stage-three colon cancer.
  • Airman optimizes mission readiness by enhancing AF Combatives Master Program

    U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Underwood, 22nd Training Squadron Advanced Skills Training NCO in charge, is the first and only person in the Department of Defense who is eligible to teach combatives to all servicemembers, despite their military affiliation.
  • Combat crew communications ensure mission security

    As a KC-135 Stratotanker makes its way to a new airspace, the aircrew of this flight have the confidence to securely transition because of the combat crew communications Airmen who helped prepare them. If it weren’t for the Communication Security kits provided to aircrews, there would be no successful flight.
  • Fairchild Honor Guard drills with Spokane Civil Air Patrol

    The Team Fairchild Honor Guard is the local face of the Air Force, standing as a proud display of military precision and professionalism. There are several honor guard units within the Pacific Northwest region, made up of active duty, reserve, Air and Army National Guard and even retired veteran guardsmen. However, there is different official group that performs these duties as well.
  • Fairchild weather flight’s clear sight keeps mission safe

    Knowing whether snow will blanket the ground, rain will drench the roads or flashes of lightning will fill the sky, Fairchild’s 92nd Operation Support Squadron weather flight keep their eyes upward, providing forecasts, ensuring mission safety and protecting essential resources on base.
  • Mental Health keeps Airmen mission ready

    Team Fairchild’s 92nd Medical Group Mental Health Clinic is readily available to aid Airmen while they face the demands and stressors that accompany the commitment of service before self, from deployments during the holidays to packing boxes for permanent change of station moves. The Mental Health Clinic’s mission is to influence healthy lifestyles within the base community by promoting positive relationships, providing treatment and preventing unhealthy behavior or mental status to ensure Airmen maintain mission readiness.
  • DEA, Alaska ANG & Fairchild Airmen solve prescription drug disposal

    Team Fairchild Airmen and Alaska Air National Guardsmen assisted the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency in the secure transport of more than two tons of surrendered prescription medications from Anchorage to Fairchild Air Force Base.