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  • Fairchild COVID19 Response: 92nd MDG Laboratory

    The 92nd Medical Group works tirelessly to ensure the safety of its patients and continues to be mission focused during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing high-quality care for retirees, Airmen, and their families.Within the 92nd MDG, Laboratory Airmen have taken on the additional task of

  • Fairchild SFS Airman leads the way by completing Ranger school

    Fairchild’s own, Staff Sgt. Joseph Pace, 92nd Security Forces Squadron installation patrolman, completed the grueling 62 day course in April after starting in November 2019. This combat leadership course is divided into three phases that focus on small-unit tactics, realistic fieldwork and sound

  • Fairchild Airman keeps family spirts high during pandemic

    Children and families are greatly affected by the stay-at-home orders as they disrupt activities and routines that many rely on to get through each day, so it can take some creativity to stay resilient. For the Edwards’ household, dedicated family time and activities help boost their spirits.

  • Airman publishes ‘The Day My Kids Stayed Home’ book for families

    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it a series of problems that people are having to face in the fight to control the spread of the virus, but for young children it can be especially stressful and confusing to be disrupted from normal life. Parents are faced with the challenge of safely

  • Maximizing mission readiness by minimizing safety risks

    Working with aircraft that supply global mobility to the U.S. military and its allies necessitates having many diverse Airmen specialists, workshops, offices and utility spaces to accommodate the rapid-paced needs of the Air Force mission.

  • Humble, approachable, credible: 509th Weapons Squadron

    While all KC-135 pilots train for air refueling, some get the chance to go above and beyond the basics by learning advance tactics and skills in the 509th Weapons Squadron, which produces 24 boom operators, pilots and navigators every year that are fully trained in providing advanced air refueling

  • Snow plows save Stratotankers

    A KC-135 Stratotanker descends below the clouds and into the falling snow as it approaches Fairchild Air Force Base. The pilots are calm as they make preparations to land, knowing that the flightline conditions are clear as can be due to the ground crew’s attentiveness.

  • Career assistance advisor leads Airmen

    One of the many great assets that Team Fairchild provides to its Airmen when facing tough decisions like this is the career assistance advisor. The CAA, in an effort to help create a stronger and smarter force, provides resources and guidance to Airmen about the options they have when considering