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  • Stress: Don't let it control you

    Your Air Expeditionary Force cycle is coming up. You just received permanent change-of-station orders. An exercise is around the corner and you still need to prep for the Unit Compliance Inspection. And that's just work. Add a home life, and your demands and stressors seem endless. It's impossible to eliminate these everyday stress factors from our
  • The American flag: Symbol of heritage

    The American flag has always been a proud symbol of our heritage, so it is no surprise that we dedicate an entire day each year to celebrate it. That day is June 14, the anniversary of the day in 1777 when the Continental Congress adopted the Stars and Stripes as the official flag of the United States. Although Flag Day is not an official national
  • Keeping an eagle-eye on the wing commander

    Standing a few inches short of six feet (ok, maybe more than a few), with the broad shoulders of a powerful warrior and two noble eagles perched on the left and right sides of his collar, Col. Thomas Sharpy, 92nd Air Refueling Wing commander, has bled Air Force blue for more than 20 years. He now adds to the mix a few drops of Fairchild and the
  • Air Force program shelters abused family members

    You are living in fear of physical abuse that takes place in front of your children. Screaming, name-calling and uncontrollable crying are all part of the deal. What do you do? The immediate response is, "Get out immediately!" Of course. Nobody should live with such abuse, and no parent should ever put their children through, or allow their
  • A candidate of a higher calling

    Transitioning into an Air Force life, learning new customs and procedures, and understanding a different way to do things with a military twist is not always easy. Add to that, finding ways to perfect a sermon, counseling the young, old and in-between, and being exceptionally unaware of where the next adventure will lead, and you have a chaplain's
  • From serving Fairchild to serving the president

    From a young girl in Baltimore, to a ROTC graduate, to commander of the 92nd Services Squadron at Fairchild, and now on to be the Air Force military aide to the president of the United States. These are just a few achievements that have taken Maj. Gina Humble, 92nd Services Squadron commander, around the country and finally landed her in the White
  • Creation and continuation of the melodious “Taps”

    As history tells it, an Army general lay wounded in his tent at Harrison's Landing, Va., following the Seven Days battle of the Civil War in July 1862. Summoned to Brig. Gen. Daniel Butterfield's side was Pvt. Oliver Wilcox Newton, the brigade bugler. The general was displeased with the usual call for lights out, and arranged with the soldier a new
  • Fairchild Airmen in Manas Air Base Outreach Society

    Airmen deployed from Fairchild provide a helping hand to the local community through the Manas Air Base Outreach Society. Airman 1st Class Ashley Phillips and her husband, Airman 1st Class Mark Phillips, both from the 92nd Security Forces Squadron, found a way to be ambassadors for the Air Force while deployed to the 376th Air Expeditionary Wing at
  • Rotary pilot in a jet world

    Flying fifty feet above the ground in a helicopter is a terrifying experience for some, but for Lt. Col. Brian Bell, 36th Rescue Flight commander, it is just another character-building experience that makes him the officer he is today. Colonel Bell has 70 hours of combat flying time through two tours in Afghanistan and one tour in Iraq, including
  • Airman makes the best of living in dorms

    Life in the dorms is something many Airmen experience. Some experiences are great. Others are not. And there are those who do not mind either way. Some Airmen search for entertaining activities, while others wait for something to come knocking on their door. Two months ago, Airman 1st Class Heather Jenkins, 92nd Medical Operations Squadron, arrived