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  • Hot hands ready for action

    In the middle of the night, you are startled awake. As the smell of smoke permeates the air, you hope that you remembered to replace the batteries in the smoke detector. You rise up and head for the bedroom door. Upon opening the door you see that your way to the front door is blocked, so you clamber out the window and head for the neighbor's house
  • 36th RQF pilots get the job done

    The sky is pitch black; you can only see a green haze through your night vision goggles as you skirt the treetops at 50 feet. The snow is blowing and the wind gusting. It seems like everything that could happen to make the mission more difficult is taking place. Holding the aircraft steady so the flight engineer can lower a stokes litter to the
  • Fairchild sergeant headed to India for World Games

    Tech. Sgt. Michael Bergquist, an Air National Guardsman activated with the 92nd Security Forces Squadron, finished sixth in the Armed Forces Triathalon Championship in July to claim the last spot on the All-Military Team USA. Making the final spot means that Sergeant Bergquist will represent the Air Force men, with one other team member, in the 4th
  • Flight Engineers 36th RQF's 'unsung heroes'

    It's winter and a helicopter is maneuvering into one of the known landing zones, slowing down just enough to hit hover height. The flight engineer is leaning out the open door to ensure the helicopter is clear. As he leans out 40 feet above the ground, the pilot gives a little pedal input which swings the tail of the helicopter, giving the flight
  • Open arms welcome Fairchild children

    Amidst a rush of miniature socks and jumbled shoes, order and loving discipline envelop chaotic movement. Calming joy holds up a baby's tired cries in a bright living room, and on a backyard swing-set, patience stands firmly behind a reprimand. Welcome to the homes of Fairchild's childcare providers, who spend their days (and often their nights and
  • Mechanics keep 36th RQF in flight

    The call comes in that a survival school student has been injured in the mountains during training and is in need of immediate evacuation. The 36th Rescue Flight jumps into action, they get a team together, load up in a UH1-N Huey and head over to evacuate the student and get him the medical care needed. The second scenario starts with the same
  • Retired Fairchild officer pays a visit

    Retired Maj. Malcolm A. Stewart reflects on his years as a pilot in Heritage Park here in the presence of two of the many aircraft that he has flown throughout his illustrious career, the Douglas C-47 Skytrain, also nicknamed "Gooney Bird" and the Douglas A-26 Invader. Major Stewart returned to Spokane, Wash. to attend his 68th high-school reunion.
  • Heraldic device symbolizes Fairchild's pride

    History. Community. Mobility. Expeditionary Airmen. These are just a few words that describe Fairchild and the 92nd Air Refueling Wing. Just as they apply to the wing, they apply to the wing's heraldic device, a small but important plaque that combines Fairchild's rich heritage, strong stand in the current day and promising future. "Heraldic
  • Service dog aids Fairchild family member

    Kimberly Hawks has always loved animals. From the time she was a child, she has depended on her pets for comfort, support and companionship. So her German Shepherd, Zeuss, is really no different. The sleek, black-coated18-month-old purebred stays by Kimberly's side night and day, offering constant loyalty and friendship. But that's not all Zuess
  • Making our earth a better place

    How can you save on your garbage bill? One way is to simply recycle. Take a glance at all the things thrown into the garbage containers put out once a week to be collected. Just how much of that can be recycled into something useful? Recycling doesn't have to be a time-consuming thing. It can take as long as bringing recyclable materials to the