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  • Open arms welcome Fairchild children

    Amidst a rush of miniature socks and jumbled shoes, order and loving discipline envelop chaotic movement. Calming joy holds up a baby's tired cries in a bright living room, and on a backyard swing-set, patience stands firmly behind a reprimand. Welcome to the homes of Fairchild's childcare providers, who spend their days (and often their nights and
  • Mechanics keep 36th RQF in flight

    The call comes in that a survival school student has been injured in the mountains during training and is in need of immediate evacuation. The 36th Rescue Flight jumps into action, they get a team together, load up in a UH1-N Huey and head over to evacuate the student and get him the medical care needed. The second scenario starts with the same
  • Retired Fairchild officer pays a visit

    Retired Maj. Malcolm A. Stewart reflects on his years as a pilot in Heritage Park here in the presence of two of the many aircraft that he has flown throughout his illustrious career, the Douglas C-47 Skytrain, also nicknamed "Gooney Bird" and the Douglas A-26 Invader. Major Stewart returned to Spokane, Wash. to attend his 68th high-school reunion.
  • Heraldic device symbolizes Fairchild's pride

    History. Community. Mobility. Expeditionary Airmen. These are just a few words that describe Fairchild and the 92nd Air Refueling Wing. Just as they apply to the wing, they apply to the wing's heraldic device, a small but important plaque that combines Fairchild's rich heritage, strong stand in the current day and promising future. "Heraldic
  • Service dog aids Fairchild family member

    Kimberly Hawks has always loved animals. From the time she was a child, she has depended on her pets for comfort, support and companionship. So her German Shepherd, Zeuss, is really no different. The sleek, black-coated18-month-old purebred stays by Kimberly's side night and day, offering constant loyalty and friendship. But that's not all Zuess
  • Making our earth a better place

    How can you save on your garbage bill? One way is to simply recycle. Take a glance at all the things thrown into the garbage containers put out once a week to be collected. Just how much of that can be recycled into something useful? Recycling doesn't have to be a time-consuming thing. It can take as long as bringing recyclable materials to the
  • America’s Airmen enjoy America’s game

    Airmen from the 92nd Logistics Readiness Squadron took a day to watch a professional baseball game between the Boston Redsox and the Seattle Mariners June 27. The Tickets and Travel Office here organized the outing to watch the professional baseball game in Seattle, Wash., for 94 people including Airmen from the 92nd LRS and other members from the
  • Rescue flight crews provide 'help from above'

    On a moonless night, the glow from a red and green instrument panel illuminates the faces of the crew of Blade 79er, a UH-1N Huey flying a night vector mission over the tree-covered mountains of northern Washington. Suddenly, the radio crackles. "Rescue, Rescue, Rescue ... Phaser 1-2 calling in vector," the voice of a student on the ground nearby
  • A journey of a lifetime

    Trials and tribulations. The phrase sounds like a title for a poorly made 1930s movie about the Great Depression. But add the word track to the beginning and triumph to the end, and it more than explains the life of Celestine Kuntz, health education program manager at the Health and Wellness Center. Track, Trials, Tribulations and Triumph. From 5
  • Fitness: A high priority year-round

    On one hand, there are those who stay active on a daily basis. Winter or summer, rain or shine, physical exercise is of high importance. On the other hand there are those who are only somewhat active up until it is their time to shine on the 1.5-mile run. Any amount of exercise is valued, but it is typically the group that continuously strives to