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  • 93rd ARS makes giving a way of life

    It has been said that people think their troubles are colossal in comparison to what others face. Though, once they open their eyes to the world, they see that their troubles are nothing in light of what others must overcome. This is one of the reasons the 93rd Air Refueling Squadron here has taken a leap into the community to find ways to make a
  • Combat Rescue Officers ready for field

    Nineteen men began their Sunday morning Oct. 21 with a three-mile run and 1500-meter swim. The intensive physical training test set the stage for six days of grueling workouts and evaluations - so demanding, in fact, that by Friday only eight men were left. Those eight men have completed a major step on their roads to becoming Combat Rescue
  • Eagle Scout upgrades wildlife area

    A young Scout, working to earn the rank of Eagle Scout, recently completed a project at Fairchild that will benefit the base community for years to come. One of the required steps toward becoming a Life Scout is the completion of an Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project. Mario Tedesco worked closely with Jonathan Wald, Natural Resources Planner
  • Air Force Lieutenant Crunches the Big Numbers in Iraq

    For many in the military, it's hard to repress the memory of when they knew they were bound to wear a uniform. Airmen are no exception to this. Often, just seeing an aircraft soar through the sky above or seeing a massive cargo aircraft parked on the tarmac is enough to show the door to the blue. For 1st Lt. Matthew Beck, currently assigned to the
  • Why do you donate?

    Since the beginning of the 2007 Combined Federal Campaign many donations have poured in from Airman of all ranks and civilians base-wide. The following are some reasons for contributing to the CFC: "Giving back is my biggest thing. We've been blessed, so we do what we can to give back. The CFC just makes it a convenient way to do that." Master Sgt.
  • AFRC supports child with special needs

    Being a parent can be a difficult undertaking at times. The desire for the best for one's children can even be heart-breaking. But for one Fairchild family, research, perseverance and devotion to their children have been the means to overcome the trials set before them. Clarice Rhatigan, the four-year-old daughter of Lt. Col. Patrick Rhatigan, 92nd
  • Cadets’ pride drives Air Force future

    Pride in both service and mission are fundamental attributes of a successful military. Each servicemember must believe in what they are doing and be proud to be a part of it. The Iraqi Air Force Officer Course cadets at the Iraqi Military Academy Rustamiyah are already teeming with pride, only weeks into their training. With blue epaulets on the
  • Fairchild ammo is the bomb

    Every week, the air power report comes out summarizing the operations that took place over in the area of responsibility (AOR). The number of sorties flown, and what ordinances were dropped are outlined thoroughly. According to the Oct. 9 report, 41 close air support missions were flown to support coalition troops in Afghanistan. Without ammo
  • Besmaya now home to Iraq's only EOD school

    Iraqi Army instructors and faculty, along with selected Coalition partners, were all present for the opening of Iraq's only bomb disposal school at the Besmaya Range Complex Sept. 30. "This school deals with de-mining and all other things relating to explosive materials," said Iraqi Army Col. Jasim, Besmaya Bomb Disposal School commandant, through
  • A first sergeant, a helping hand

    Waking up every day, knowing that someone will come to you with their comments and concerns can leave some reaching for the snooze button until sheer desire for job security will yank them out of bed. Others need no coaxing and find fulfillment in lending a helping hand. It takes a different breed to be on alert to the needs of other people at all