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  • From shovels to shoulder bars: Iraqi cadets work toward officer corps

    Wielding pick-axes and small folding shovels, Iraqi Army cadets chip away at the sun-baked earth while wiping sweat from their brow. The mid-afternoon sun blazes down on them as they stand, wearing full body armor and Kevlar helmets, in their shallow holes of accomplishment. "It is hard work," said one of the Iraqi Military Academy Rustamiyah
  • The way things are: Present-day Fairchild

    Throughout the history of Fairchild, loyal, dedicated, diligent and proud have been characteristics continually used to best describe the base. And to this day, Airmen of the 92nd Air Refueling Wing and its tenant units have gone far beyond achieving the mission with excellence. The influence of certain individuals, the valor of particular units
  • Venturing through the past: A Fairchild history

    From its beginnings as the Spokane Army Air Depot, to Spokane Air Force Base and on to Fairchild Air Force Base, Fairchild has had an exceptional history as part of the world's leading military force. "Fairchild is unique because when it was the Bomb Wing, the mission was strategic deterrence, and for so many years it was responsible for deterring
  • Fairchild NCO takes aim at Air Force’s best

    Master Sgt. Dale Brunelle, 92nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron section chief, is a member of the Air Force International Skeet team and is back into the swing of things after a four-year hiatus. Sergeant Brunelle arrived at Fairchild in January after four years in Okinawa, Japan, where he was unable to participate in any shooting matches, or even
  • Air Force Ball in good hands

    As you walk in the door, notice the room's swirl of blue and silver, laced with the tiny white lights that provide an evening's ambiance. See the dance floor waiting to escort its couples. And look for the smiling faces waiting to greet you and direct your night of formal celebration. In almost every facet of Fairchild's upcoming 60th Anniversary
  • Fairchild’s annual DARE campaign wraps up with summer camp

    After 10 weeks of education and training, several Fairchild elementary school students completed the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program with a summer camp finale. Founded in Los Angeles 24 years ago and now an international program, DARE America is a police officer-led series of classroom lessons geared for children from kindergarten through
  • Fairchild dog handler returns after nearly 30 years

    David Adams, a former K-9 handler with the 92nd Bomb Wing, now the 92nd Air Refueling Wing, visited Fairchild Aug. 10 after almost 30 years. Mr. Adams was a member of the 92nd Security Police Squadron here from June 1968 through September 1969, and was given the opportunity to spend the day with Tech. Sgt. Max Talley, 92nd Security Forces Squadron
  • Hot hands ready for action

    In the middle of the night, you are startled awake. As the smell of smoke permeates the air, you hope that you remembered to replace the batteries in the smoke detector. You rise up and head for the bedroom door. Upon opening the door you see that your way to the front door is blocked, so you clamber out the window and head for the neighbor's house
  • 36th RQF pilots get the job done

    The sky is pitch black; you can only see a green haze through your night vision goggles as you skirt the treetops at 50 feet. The snow is blowing and the wind gusting. It seems like everything that could happen to make the mission more difficult is taking place. Holding the aircraft steady so the flight engineer can lower a stokes litter to the
  • Fairchild sergeant headed to India for World Games

    Tech. Sgt. Michael Bergquist, an Air National Guardsman activated with the 92nd Security Forces Squadron, finished sixth in the Armed Forces Triathalon Championship in July to claim the last spot on the All-Military Team USA. Making the final spot means that Sergeant Bergquist will represent the Air Force men, with one other team member, in the 4th