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  • Fairchild Airman takes home ATA award

    The Airlift/Tanker Association holds a Symposium and Technology Exposition every year to bring together men and women from all over the world including Air Force leaders, industry professionals and mobility Airmen past and present.
  • 92nd ARW celebrates 70 years of heritage and excellence

    This year has been chock-full of milestones for the Airmen of Fairchild Air Force Base. Throughout the year, the Air Force celebrated their 70th anniversary, Team Fairchild marked the 75th year of the installation, and today marks the 70th birthday of the 92nd Air Refueling Wing, which began as the 92nd Bombardment Wing.
  • Fairchild supports Marine Battery P to ‘Fire Mission!’

    Marine Battery P commenced their latest exercise October 11-14, 2017, one of four live-fire artillery exercises performed each year, in addition to small-arms marksmanship and machine gun training. This most recent display of skill was a direct result of their dedicated training efforts, aided by the support of Fairchild Air Force Base.
  • Taking a step outside of their AFSC: Honor Guard NCO in charge

    With a sharp click of a heel and distinct command, a line of disciplined honor guardsmen begin to fold the American flag with grace, precision and determination. The rendering of military funeral honors for veterans is not only mandated by law, it’s the responsibility and duty of Air Force Honor Guardsmen around the world.
  • War or the Cage

    The day’s pent-up energy reaches a climax, his lime green “autistic kids rock!” t-shirt stands out in the bustling room, a clear sign that Tyler McGuire has entered the cage. Standing across from him is his opponent whose goal is to take him down.The crowd buzzes with excitement as Staff Sgt. Tyler McGuire, 66th Training Squadron operations NCO in
  • Taking a step outside of their AFSC: Career Assistance Advisor

    Whether arriving at their first duty station or nearing the end of their first enlistment, Airmen are required to receive face-to-face training with some of their base’s leading experts on all things Air Force. These experts meet in forums such as Informed Decision Briefings, First Term Airman Center courses, NCO and senior NCO Professional Enhancement Seminars and various professional development courses that prepare and develop Airmen, young and old, about how to face everyday challenges.
  • AF retiree incorporates love of coffee with mentoring Airmen

    Larry Bowman, an Air Force retiree, owns and operates The Coffee Corner, a small coffee shop in the 92nd Medical Group that powers Airmen, civilians and retirees through their days.
  • Taking a step outside of their AFSC: Airman Dorm Leader

    Arriving at their first duty station can be nerve racking, stressful and hectic for many first-term Airmen. As checklists to in-process pile up, acronyms start to fly and reality sets in, new Airmen can feel lost and overwhelmed. For the 428 Airmen living in the Fairchild dormitories, the four-man Unaccompanied Housing Management team is working diligently to provide them with the best possible home away from home.
  • Cyber security vital to base operation

    While securing information is important for everyone, it is even of greater importance to Airmen and military dependents who have potential access to sensitive information that could be harmful were it to fall into the wrong hands.
  • Korean War vet takes a trip down memory lane

    “There was a war to fight, and if the young people weren’t going to fight in it, who was?” George Prentiss a Korean War and Air Force veteran, spoke these very words when talking about the time he decided to join the air force in 1950. Prentiss worked in a mail room and as a soda jerk in Boston before serving in the Air Force. Motivated by the war, he persuaded his father to let him enlist in October 1950, a few months before he turned 18. He was stationed at Fairchild Air Force Base for four years as a B-36 Peacemaker piston engine mechanic, but separated when the Air Force began transitioning to jet engine-powered aircraft.