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  • A history of Tops in Blue

    For nearly 50 years, the Air Force's expeditionary entertainment unit has performed for countless people all over the world. From the United States to Honduras to Japan to the Netherlands, Tops in Blue continuously presents their musical, comedic and dramatic acts to a global audience. It all began in 1953 when the Air Force Worldwide Talent
  • Not a Soldier’s Christmas

    He couldn't have been a day over 20. His face was covered with the dirt of battle, yet was cleanly shaven; that is, if he even had to shave. He had the Army standard headgear and uniform, but both had seen some wear over the past few months. He was wet and freezing cold, and he knew his mission this night was just getting underway. Although he was
  • Fairchild Airman makes dream come true

    At four years old, she began to understand the beauty of music. She bypassed singing lessons, learning to sing from her heart and following the tunes of her family members.Years later, Airman Cristy Lagazo, 92nd Aerospace Medicine Squadron public health technician, has developed her singing talent enough to be chosen as a 2008 performer in the Tops
  • A swimmer’s challenge

    Are you looking to burn a lot of calories, gain some strength or build your cardio-respiratory fitness? How about learning an activity easy on the joints that you can enjoy in later in life with the whole family? The Master's Swim Team would be the perfect group to join if you answered yes to any of the above questions. The team, which meets on
  • Military OneSource

    A program that is unknown to its designated clientele is useless. A resource unknown to those who might benefit from it is ineffective. Though, there are simple tools available to servicemembers and their families that are designated to assist those who need guidance in finding resources. One such tool is www.militaryonesource.com, a Web site
  • Happy Birthday 92nd Wing!

    Nov. 17, marks the 60th anniversary of the 92nd Wing. In September, Fairchild celebrated this year's diamond anniversaries of both the Air Force and the wing during the Air Force Ball and with special cake cutting and flag retreat ceremonies. When the 92nd Bombardment Wing was established at Spokane Army Air Field (the current site of Fairchild Air
  • Thunderbolt exercise shows aspect of deployment

    Approximately 200 members of Team Fairchild participated in Thunderbolt 08-01, an exercise that simulated sending the Airmen on a deployment to an overseas location, as the 801st Air Expeditionary Wing. In reality, the Airmen were transported to Camp Airey here to conduct operations similar to those in a deployment. The simulated mission was to
  • 93rd ARS makes giving a way of life

    It has been said that people think their troubles are colossal in comparison to what others face. Though, once they open their eyes to the world, they see that their troubles are nothing in light of what others must overcome. This is one of the reasons the 93rd Air Refueling Squadron here has taken a leap into the community to find ways to make a
  • Combat Rescue Officers ready for field

    Nineteen men began their Sunday morning Oct. 21 with a three-mile run and 1500-meter swim. The intensive physical training test set the stage for six days of grueling workouts and evaluations - so demanding, in fact, that by Friday only eight men were left. Those eight men have completed a major step on their roads to becoming Combat Rescue
  • Eagle Scout upgrades wildlife area

    A young Scout, working to earn the rank of Eagle Scout, recently completed a project at Fairchild that will benefit the base community for years to come. One of the required steps toward becoming a Life Scout is the completion of an Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project. Mario Tedesco worked closely with Jonathan Wald, Natural Resources Planner