This Week in Fairchild and U.S. History

  • Published
  • By Dan Simmons
  • 92nd Air Refueling Wing Historian
Fairchild History

March 26, 1957:
The 92nd Bomb Wing
received its first B-52D

March 29, 1952:
A B-36 bomber landed
short of the runway and
crashed at Fairchild Air
Force Base. The aircraft
was destroyed but the 12-
man crew survived.

March 31, 1965:
The last series E Atlas
ICBMs were removed
from alert at the 567th
Strategic Missile Squadron
at Fairchild AFB.
This completed the operational
phaseout of this
model of the Atlas ICBM
weapon system.

March 31, 1995:
The 93rd Air Refueling
Squadron activated
at Fairchild AFB while
the 43rd Air Refueling
Squadron was inactivated.

March 31, 2005:
The 96th Air Refueling
Squadron inactivated at
Fairchild AFB after being
in the wing for 11 years.

April 1, 1951:
Washington Air National
Guard History--The
560th Air Force Band
was inducted into federal
service during the Korean
Conflict at Geiger Field,
Spokane International
Airport. The musicians
entertained all over the
Northwest and gave
liveperformances over
the radio until returning
to Geiger Field in Dec.

April 1, 1995: The
92nd Aircraft Generation
Squadron activated
at Fairchild AFB. It was
redesignated the 92nd
Aircraft Maintenance
Squadron on Oct. 1,

U.S. History

March 27, 1989:
Military Airlift Command
began transporting
more than 1,000 tons of
equipment and supplies
to Alaska to help clean
up a 10-million gallon
oil spill from the tanker
Exxon Valdez.

March 28, 1935:
Dr. Robert H. Goddard
launched the first rocket
equipped with gyroscopic
controls. It reached a
height of 4,800 feet and
a speed of 550 miles per

March 31, 1995:
The first woman USAF
bomber pilot, 2d Lt Kelly
Flinn, began B-52 flight
training at Barksdale

April 1, 1954:
President Dwight D.
Eisenhower signed into
law a bill creating the
Air Force Academy.