Fairchild Food Pantry supports Airmen and families

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The warm welcoming doors of Fairchild Air Force Base’s Food Pantry are open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as well as the first Saturday of the month.

Providing food, toiletries, baby supplies, pet food, and a friendly atmosphere, the food pantry is a haven of resources for service members.

The food pantry, which is completely run by volunteers, is led by Sara Jemo, an Air Force spouse.

“Our people are our mission,” said Jemo. “The food pantry is something that we don’t want to need, but because there is a need we are here supporting our Airmen and their families.”

Located in the Depot near the Outdoor Rec on base, the food pantry feeds about 60 families a month and is a vital part of the Fairchild community.

Airmen in the dorms and young families benefit the most from the food pantry.

“The Fairchild Food Pantry is a big help,” said a Fairchild Food Pantry visitor. “I just moved out of the dorms, and this is the first time I’m on my own, so I really appreciate the support.”

Jemo and other volunteers spend their spare time coordinating food donations and spreading the word about the food pantry.

“I’ve been volunteering in some capacity since I was 11 years old,” said Jemo. “So, when my husband deployed, I started volunteering with the food pantry as a way to connect with the community.”

Jemo and other volunteers at the food pantry are passionate about serving their community.


For more information on the Fairchild Food Pantry visit their Facebook page @FairchildFoodPantry.