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  • Millennial Airmen

    "I think millennials are a generation unlike anything we've ever seen." -- Chelsea KrostIt was a post like nothing I've seen. A millennial talking trash about millennials. There she was, a young lady in her early twenties, rattling off all of the popular criticisms of her own generation she believes are true. Here are a few of the things she had to
  • Learning from the Holocaust: Acts of Courage

    This year, the Holocaust Remembrance Week precedes Nurses Week. In reflecting upon the fighting spirit of Holocaust survivors and how this contributed to the advancement of humankind, the actions and contributions of women who were nurses imprisoned in the concentration camps and how they were able to nurse and care for fellow prisoners in the
  • Informal leaders make a difference

    Are you taking advantage of the leadership opportunities in front of you? Do you pick up the ball and run with it when it comes to taking care of issues that impact your work center? I'm talking about that individual who has no formal title or authority but influences everyone around them. We've all seen this person. They're knowledgeable, trusted
  • Servicemembers' Civil Relief Act and interest rates

    Are your interest rates too high? If you are paying more than six percent, then the answer is probably "yes."If you are paying more than six percent interest on debts incurred before entry on active duty, you may qualify to have your interest rate reduced to six percent. This includes most financial obligations, such as credit cards, private loans,
  • My recollection of Operations Desert Shield, Storm

    At the time, I was assigned to the 552nd Airborne Warning and Control Wing, 963rd Airborne Warning and Control System Squadron, as a navigator. I was a newly promoted 1st lieutenant and one of the youngest navigators in our squadron when Desert Shield and Desert Storm began. In fact, I was airborne, on a routine overseas training mission in England
  • It was an honor

    I will be honest, I'm not the type that "bleeds blue."With that said, I didn't seem to be the obvious choice to fill a slot for my unit's upcoming Honor Guard rotation.I was selected, though, and I felt relieved to have the chance to follow a temporary assignment outside of my career field. It was a weight off my shoulders from regular day-to-day
  • Buying a car: what you should know

    Buying a vehicle isn't as simple as buying video games, a new outfit or selecting lunch. The style, gas mileage, costs and insurance are many factors to consider before purchasing a car. Nothing ruins a cool car faster than a bad deal. The next time you are in the market for a car, please consider these tips.Buying a new car1.  Know the car you
  • Don't be a victim to identity theft

    Identity theft happens when someone steals your personal information and uses it without your permission. Unfortunately, identity theft can happen to anyone at any time. Many identity thieves search trash cans for personal information such as old bills or statements--both at home and in work areas. Thieves tend to target areas where they have
  • Here we sit, waiting for the call

    On the television the cult classic movie "Dr. Strangelove" plays for about the ninety-second time, and my co-pilot and I debate what to do with our time. Surrounding us are a few dozen of our newest best friends, all of which are also debating how to shape their evenings, sleep cycles, and most importantly what is being served at the dining
  • Finding strength, resiliency through Air Force family

    I joined the military to provide for my family, but I never would have expected the challenges my family would face and how we would evolve.When I enlisted in the Air Force I joined another family without intent. This family has been with me ever since, especially during my family's darkest tragedy.FamilyAfter completing basic military training and