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  • Spelling ‘team’ with an ‘I’

    We've all heard many quotable quotes about teamwork throughout our lives. I'm sure you're familiar with, "None of us is as smart, or as strong, as all of us," or the catchy acronym, "TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More." My personal favorite has always been "You don't spell 'team' with an 'I.'" Leaders often use these phrases to motivate their
  • Glorifying God, providing spiritual strength, honoring Airmen and serving all

    October is Clergy Appreciation Month, and as the commander for Air Mobility Command I want to take this opportunity to encourage AMC Airmen, civilians and families to pay tribute to the often unsung heroes of our military forces - our chaplains. Clergy Appreciation Month began in 1993 with an effort to recognize ministers across the United States
  • AMC commander: Take a stand by lending a hand

    Men and women of the Air Mobility Command Total Force Team: As we begin this year's Combined Federal Campaign, I encourage you to follow the theme of "Take a Stand by Lending a Hand" and support the charitable organizations of your choice during this year's drive. The Combined Federal Campaign is one of only two authorized solicitations on behalf
  • Give a ‘boost’

    Lessons in life come from all areas. A most recent lesson for me came from "looking up" while attending a chaplains' conference at a monastery in Santa Barbara, Calif. Brother Lawrence, a resident monk, is a notable astronomer and photographer of the skies. One evening Brother Lawrence provided a wonderful view of the October sky overhead by
  • Prep your vehicle for the season of snow

     Just recently, I stepped outside in the early morning and found that the ground had become crisp with frozen dew. I realized that pretty soon temperatures will drop and the ground will be covered in frosty snow. Children and those who are children at heart will be outside making snowmen, bundled in layers of warm winter clothing, the plows will be
  • General Sherman or Bonsai?

    There is a tree called a Bonsai tree. It is beautiful and perfectly formed although its height is measured in inches. In California, we find a forest of giant trees called sequoias. One of these giants has been named the General Sherman. Extending into the sky 272 feet and measuring 79 feet in circumference, this tree is so large that if it were
  • Efficiency, innovation: Lessons we can learn from the past

    When a holiday comes around, I'll admit I don't normally spend much time commemorating the day's founding event. I'm usually more concerned with how much sleep I can make up on my extra day off. Periodically, though, I'll find myself reflecting on the holiday at hand, and such was the case Monday as I meandered toward an afternoon Columbus Day nap.
  • Alcohol can change your life

    I didn't think. I didn't do the right thing. I threw it all away. Respect, trust, integrity ... all washed away with each tip of the bottle. It all happened because I decided to drink the morning of May 28 and tried to go to work while I was legally drunk. I made it worse by trying to drive a government vehicle while still under the influence. And
  • Take joy in the seeing

     In John Newton's well-known hymn "Amazing Grace" we read these words: "I once was blind but now I see." Newton referred, of course, to spiritual insight gained as a result of his conversion to the Christian faith. Sight, whether physical or spiritual, is vitally important to one's quality of life. Recently I had the privilege of attending a
  • Optimist or Pessimist?

    How many people do you know who are pessimists? To many people, looking at the negative is so much easier than looking at the positive. For some the good in our world is hard to see. There is much in our world to give a person reason to be a pessimist. Here are some words from John R. Gunn: "With so much war and carnage and death and destruction