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  • AMC commander comments on new tanker

    To the men and women of Air Mobility Command, On Feb. 29, it was my pleasure to join with the Secretary of the Air Force and the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition in announcing the award of the contract to build the next generation tanker, the KC-45A. It was really a great day for AMC, our Air Force and America. As you know, the
  • Saving time, saving energy

    He just couldn't leave well enough alone; someone had to change things around. Thanks Benjamin Franklin for conceiving the idea of Daylight Saving Time. Thanks for bringing about the idea to take away an hour of sleep in spring. I'll be sure to pay tribute when I wake up earlier than I'm used to March 9. Then again, thanks should go to Benjamin
  • Leaping forward

    Welcome to an "intercalary" year, also known as a Leap Year. The designation of a Leap Year has a long and interesting history, mixed with science and religion. Our calendar, the Gregorian calendar by name, measures the time and seasons for us in days, months and years. Because a solar year is six hours longer than our standard 365 days, the
  • More morale, please

    Morale. Our leaders want it to skyrocket through the roof, our co-workers prefer to work with someone who increases it and hopefully every Airman is leaning toward the positive end of it. What about those days when the morale meter is falling a little below comfort level? At about that time, it might be a good idea to huddle up and see what can be
  • A measure of great height

    "I don't know who my grandfather was, I'm much more concerned to know what his grandson will be." These were the words of Abraham Lincoln, our nation's 16th President of the United States. Looking back through the lens of history we know what kind of man Lincoln became and how he led our nation through a difficult period in its history. I think
  • Military Saves Week: Not just another slogan

    I hate to accept it as much as anyone else, but the fact is, the quickest way to financial freedom is rarely through the lottery, a get-rich-quick plan or an inheritance. Most of us main-streamers are limited to one way of creating a worry-free financial situation for ourselves, and that way is called responsibility. We're not born with financial
  • A little consideration

    We all like to know how we score on various tests and scales. How are you at the McLandress Coefficient? Never heard of the McLandress Coefficient? Neither had I. Herschel McLandress was a professor of psychiatric measurement at Harvard Medical School, and he developed a way to measure a person's degree of self-absorption. He measured the use of
  • A Letter to the Editor

    I have just had the privilege of returning to Iraq and more specifically to Al Anbar Province for my third tour. I say privilege for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the opportunity to again serve with young Americans -- the best of their generation -- in combat. A second reason is there is no greater honor for any man or woman than
  • Letter to Airmen - Reflections for the AOR

    To our warriors stateside and around the world, I salute you! I just returned from my third trip to the Central Command AOR, and once again I am both re-energized and incredibly impressed by the consistently motivated, innovative and professional Airmen I had the privilege to meet. I am truly humbled by their warrior spirit and dedication to
  • KIT: Keep in Touch

    During a visit with my family in December, we found ourselves discussing the whereabouts and statuses of high school friends - who was married, had children, was pregnant or had moved to another part of the country. Eventually, the yearbooks came out and as we flipped through the book filled with memories of the not-so-long-ago, I read a few of the