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  • The uniform: More than a garment

    As an American Airman, I, like all military personnel, swore an allegiance to my country. I swore to protect the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic; I swore to bear true faith and allegiance to the same. I never had any idea, however, how much those words would transform me. Nor was I aware of how much growth was required to fit
  • Hit the brakes on summer driving

    I really like winter, but even I've had enough. I'm ready for the sun to shine, to run outside, to roll my windows down and speed life up. And if this springtime tease is getting old for a snow lover like me, I can only imagine how it must be for those of you who started your summer countdown last October. The fact is, though, that Spokane is still
  • Are you ready?

    Seriously, are you ready? The Air Force of today is significantly different than the Air Force I joined 18 years ago. I can't imagine how different it is for our senior leaders. Part of that difference is that we are a more expeditionary force, a more fit force and a more intelligent force. Today I will focus on the expeditionary aspect. Are you
  • Wake up and smell the change

    I've been dwelling on one of my favorite sayings lately. It just won't get out of my head. I see it in civilian and military worlds. I see it in the young and old, the mild and the wild. They say the only thing constant in life is change. There's no doubt this statement is true, especially for military personnel and their families. It is imperative
  • Thank you, 36th RQF

    This thank-you letter was sent to the e-Connection office from Mike Gregoire, father of Jordan Gregoire. The 36th Rescue Flight saved Jordan March 10 after he got lost and went missing for about 10 hours during a ski trip at Schweitzer Ski Resort in northern Idaho. The 36th rescue crew found Jordan unhurt and returned him to his family. My name is
  • Growing together

    In my dining room at home are several plants on a multi-tiered plant stand. A plant vase on the top tier contained a shamrock plant with multiple three-leaf clovers angling downward toward the planter below, which contained an African Violet. In the middle of the African Violet was a lone shamrock "reaching upward" as if to greet the other
  • Our paths lead us here

    Sometimes I just can't help but look out the window with a blank stare, the wheels turning in my head. Occasionally, the turning wheels reveal the next commentary or feature idea. Most often, however, the wheels go over the past few years - what led to me joining the Air Force. As in every chapter in life, there are the negative and positive steps
  • The links that form the chain

    Several times this week I encountered a word that led me to today's commentary. That word is "link." Earlier this week I received my monthly 92nd Services Squadron publication called "Link," which contains helpful information regarding Services events and generous coupons. Through this publication a connection was established between me and the
  • AMC commander comments on new tanker

    To the men and women of Air Mobility Command, On Feb. 29, it was my pleasure to join with the Secretary of the Air Force and the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition in announcing the award of the contract to build the next generation tanker, the KC-45A. It was really a great day for AMC, our Air Force and America. As you know, the
  • Saving time, saving energy

    He just couldn't leave well enough alone; someone had to change things around. Thanks Benjamin Franklin for conceiving the idea of Daylight Saving Time. Thanks for bringing about the idea to take away an hour of sleep in spring. I'll be sure to pay tribute when I wake up earlier than I'm used to March 9. Then again, thanks should go to Benjamin