Time to be thankful

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Larry Carpenter Jr.
  • 92nd Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs
It's that time again. Time to loosen up the belt, eat until your stomach hurts or until the tryptophan from the turkey kicks in and you sneak away to take a nap on the couch.

The last Thursday in November was established as the annual national Thanksgiving in 1863 during the Civil War by President Abraham Lincoln, but was changed during the Great Depression in the 1930's to the fourth Thursday.

As Americans' continue with their busy schedules, Thanksgiving has become more of a time to take a breather from the hectic schedules in everyday life and relax with family and friends around the dining room table.

So, as everyone goes through the motion of eating, napping and watching football (at least that's what I do), let's appreciate that we are able to do so.

Even though turkey is the main stay of a Thanksgiving dinner, it doesn't matter what food is served as long is it served with the people you care about.

Still, the dinner that get's me the most is a friend of mine who's family has Chinese food for that wonderful Thanksgiving meal.

As everyone pulls up a chair to enjoy a wonderful meal with the people that mean the most to them, let's take a second to remember the men and women of the armed forces who are scattered around the globe in support of our country. They are out there doing their duty, so that we can sit here safe with good food and good company.

Let's also give special consideration to our single Airmen that might be spending their first Turkey Day away from their loved ones. The holidays can be tough without that support group, so pay special attention and invite them to join you for Thanksgiving dinner. Let's not let a single one of our brave Airmen spend this holiday alone.

Another thing to remember while you're giving thanks, is to thank your family for all the support they provide you. It would be incredibly hard to focus on the task at hand without knowing they are backing you up 100 percent. Whether you're going to be spending this holiday with your immediate family, your extended family or your friends, let them know how grateful you are to have them.

Enjoy your holiday, be safe and know that you are very important.