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  • Training so others may live

    If a member of the United States armed or allied forces is isolated behind enemy lines, surrounded by enemy engagement, or captured, it’s the mission of the Air Force’s elite rescue Airmen, to return them home.Air Force Pararescuemen are the only elite, American task force with direct focus and training to provide full-spectrum personnel recovery
  • Fairchild’s Finest: Airman 1st Class Kyle Tidwell

    Airman 1st Class Kyle Tidwell, 92nd Operation Support Squadron airfield systems technician, maintains ground to air communications navigational aids and the weather systems. He was selected as a Fairchild’s Finest. “The support from my shop and my supervisors are what lead me in the right direction to achieve Fairchild’s Finest,” said Tidwell. “My
  • NCO scores resilience through football

    Airmen all use different ways to stay resilient. Some Airmen do crafts, some Airmen play a sport and some Airmen play video games.For Staff Sgt. Michael Clark, 92nd Air Refueling Wing Command Post emergency controller, he plays a popular football video game competitively and has had quite the success with it recently. He won first place during a