NCO scores resilience through football

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Sean Campbell
  • 92nd Air refueling Wing
Airmen all use different ways to stay resilient. Some Airmen do crafts, some Airmen play a sport and some Airmen play video games.

For Staff Sgt. Michael Clark, 92nd Air Refueling Wing Command Post emergency controller, he plays a popular football video game competitively and has had quite the success with it recently. He won first place during a regional football video game tournament in Seattle and will move on to compete in the national tournament Jan. 27 and 28 in Orlando, Florida to compete against 31 other players.

“Playing the game helps me stay resilient by making me more goal-oriented. Being able to have success at something you like to do helps when it comes to setting up goals for everything else,” Clark said. “My unit allows me the time to go and compete in these events. Their support is what allows me to succeed in this avenue.”

Clark became a fan of professional football in 2004. It was because of his interest in football that he started playing the video game and it has aided him in having a goal-oriented mindset, something that helps with his daily CP duties of answering the phone, flight following, notifying commanders of information from other agencies, operating the ‘Giant Voice’ notification system and other duties.

Air Mobility Command relies on the resilience, capability and determination of its Airmen to continue to be successful. In order to have highly-skilled Airmen, education, skills and support systems must be readily available.

"It is important for all of us as humans to know others and to be known by others, it’s a part of how we exist on this earth,” said Maj. Shawn Bishop, 92nd Air Refueling Wing chaplain. “It isn’t about how many people we know, or know us; but it is about knowing others and being known by other people, and at a fairly deep level, which supports our overall health and well being. It's part of life."

Resilience can come from many different avenues. Airmen and their families are considered to be AMC’s greatest strength and its strongest advocate. Their development and care is essential to the execution of Rapid Global Mobility…now. Every Airman and their families are highly encouraged to find things to keep them resilient.

For more information on resiliency, contact the chaplain at 247-2264 or if you are interested in taking on a new hobby to become resilient, contact Outdoor Recreation for the services they provide at 247-5920.