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  • Snow begins to fall on Fairchild, KC-135

    Spokane gets an average of 47 inches of snow per year, which provides opportunities for recreation as well as challenges with both ground and air travel. With rapidly dropping wind chills and the arrival of fog, snow and ice, Airmen from the 92nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron are spending time on the flight line clearing the way for the wing's global reach air refueling mission.
  • Fairchild's Finest Staff Sgt. Laura Grainger

    Fairchild's Finest Staff Sgt. Laura Grainger
  • Fairchild Airman helps stop violent crime

    Oct. 16, 2016, began as a normal day for Senior Airman Logan Lingren, unaware that his actions in a local restaurant restroom would make the evening news.“I was doing my laundry at a laundromat in the Shadle area,” said Lingren, 92nd Maintenance Squadron aircraft structural maintenance technician. “While my clothes were in the washer, I walked over
  • Fairchild to celebrate 75th anniversary

    Before the 92nd Air Refueling Wing existed, the 92nd Bombardment Group was created, beginning the revolution of air refueling. On March 1, 1942, the 92nd BG was activated at Barksdale Field, Louisiana, existing only on paper before ultimately moving to MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, and then to Sarasota, Florida, where people were eventually assigned.
  • Fairchild's Finest Tech. Sgt. Adam Blizman

    A weekly recognition program that highlights top-performing Airmen.
  • Instructor pilot awarded AF Col. Joe Jackson Award

    Capt. Deborah Gaddis is the 509th Weapons Squadron training flight commander, a Weapons Instructor Course instructor and a certified KC-135 Stratotanker instructor pilot. She has been at Fairchild Air Force Base since 2010; first as a pilot with the 92nd Operations Group and in 2015 she became an instructor with the 509th Weapons Squadron.
  • Fairchild’s Finest Senior Airman Brandon Johnson

    Rank and Name: Senior Airman Brandon JohnsonUnit of assignment: 92nd Logistics Readiness SquadronDuty title: Materiel handling and equipment journeymanHome town and state: Moreno Valley, CaliforniaWhat do you do on a daily basis at Fairchild AFB?I inspect, maintain and repair vehicles that are vital to base operations at Fairchild. I also bolster
  • Fairchild secretary retires after 58 years

    Born on May 26, 1937, in Eureka, Montana, Jerald “Smitty” Smith, the oldest of four, grew up in a family of loggers. Not wanting to be a logger himself, at 18 years old Smitty, the first on his father’s side, joined the U.S. Navy on Jan. 2, 1956 and headed to six weeks of basic training.
  • LRS prepares for first snowfall

    Washington winters can cause issues for vehicles on the roadways and in the skies. At Fairchild, the 92nd Logistics Readiness Squadron Vehicle Maintenance shop begins preparing for the unpredictable winter months and the weather they bring, eight months prior to the anticipated first snowfall.
  • MFLCs integrate into units

    When you break a bone, you are rushed to the nearest hospital where you’re poked, prodded and wrapped in a cast by doctors and specialists who will ensure your broken bones heal properly. When experiencing troubles or stress in an individual’s personal or work life, the Military Family Life Counselors are here to help ensure Airmen and their families heal properly and are fit to fight.