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  • Restoring broken Airmen to duty

    Injury not only affects the Airman, but also can have a long-term impact on their family and work places. This is where the 92nd Medical Group Physical Therapy Clinic comes in.
  • Fairchild Finest Staff Sgt. Brandon Paige

    Fairchild Finest Staff Sgt. Brandon Paige
  • ATC Airmen train to keep skies safe

    A bird's eye view of the airfield allows Fairchild air traffic controllers to fulfill a vital mission role in orchestrating the operations of everything on the field and in the air, and work to keep aircraft safe.
  • Chapel embraces religious freedom

    The base chapel highlights the significance of religious freedom as a foundational human right. It provides Airmen and their families a community who experience similar life events such as frequent moves and high work tempo.
  • 92nd CES fire department implements life-saving training

    Being a firefighter is one of the most dangerous jobs in America. Entering a structure fire as the flames start to grow, oxygen levels diminish and the heat steadily rises to over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit is just a normal day of the week for a firefighter.
  • Dental Lab helps maintain Airman readiness

    Dental technicians use new technology to help keep Airmen fighting fit with crowns and fittings.
  • EFMP steps for smooth PCS

    The EFMP and Family Member Relocation Clearance process is designed to prevent family members from moving to locations where their medical and educational needs cannot be met, safe-guarding families from reduction in services and promoting effective use of available health care resources
  • Supporting victims with Victim Advocates

    The Volunteer Victim Advocate Program for the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response office provides emotional support to victims of sexual assault.
  • Exceptional program for exceptional families

    The Air Force Exceptional Family Member Program is one of the numerous support resources the Air Force makes available to Airmen and their families to ensure a healthy community and a positive quality of life.
  • Fairchild Airman makes his mark on space travel

    Working for NASA can be a life changing experience, but discovering a new syndrome affecting astronauts working in space is out of this world.