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  • Challenging Times Require Collaboration

    The challenges Team Fairchild and our country have faced during this calendar year have at times brought us to our knees, either because of the sheer weight of what has happened, or in supplication and prayer. At times, we don't know how we are going to make it through because the challenges seem too daunting. The current national crisis feels like
  • Letter to Airmen: Raising Air Force Preparedness through Emergency Awareness

    Each September we commemorate National Preparedness Month, first launched in 2004 to increase emergency preparedness in the U.S. As we now leave September behind and move toward winter, it is imperative to prepare ourselves, those in our care and our communities for any emergency situation.The severe wind storms of August and dramatic world events
  • Our Reputation – The Only Thing We Really Own

    According to Warren Buffet, "It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it."A wise colonel once told me that, as NCOs, we do not really own anything except our reputations. We do not own the airplanes we fix, the Airmen we train or the bank account that pays the Air Force's bills, yet every day we sign documents stating that
  • Suicide Prevention Month

    Although Suicide Prevention Awareness is a year-round endeavor, September is designated as Suicide Prevention Awareness Month so that special attention can be brought to the subject of Suicide Prevention, to highlight how much of a waste in human life and potential the act of suicide is and to educate people about the help that is available to
  • 9-11...Never Forget, Never Surrender Our March For Freedom

    Sept. 11, 2001-Patriot Day--is a day we as Americans must never forget...ever. The inspiration of freedom was attacked that day. A terrorist enemy sought to take away our economic and political freedoms.They failed. America is too strong and we have shown our resolve over the last 12 years standing strong in the War on Terror. The attack did change
  • If I don't tell you it's about mentoring will you read it?

    Wait, don't stop reading, because I know what you're thinking, "Another article on the mystical mentor, just what I need." Give me a shot to speak to the concept.My sister Diane (a.k.a. Chief Hansen) enlisted in the Air Force 3 years before I took my oath. That gave her a unique perspective on my career. She was always able to offer relevant advice
  • Women's Equality Day - a celebration of diversity

    Can you imagine a time when society frowned upon women in the workplace? How about a time when women were not allowed to vote for the officials who set law and legislation? Well, it wasn't so long ago that women were not allowed to vote or apply for many jobs, let alone accept them.We are coming upon the 100th anniversary of when Congress passed
  • Note from the commander on Unit Effectiveness Inspection survey

    92nd Team--active duty, civilians, contractors and our families:Please review the note below the cut-line from Air Mobility Command Inspector General Brig. Gen. Steven J. Arquiette, asking all of us to complete a survey in preparation for an upcoming assessment.Next February, the AMC IG will inspect our Wing as part of the new inspection process,
  • The Primacy of Flight: Why we Fly, Fight and Win

    Aug. 19 is the National Day of Flight. As Americans, we celebrate flight and recognize how it has propelled us as a nation to new horizons from the windswept beaches of Kitty Hawk to the eerily quiet lunar landscape. As Airmen in an Air Refueling Wing, we trumpet flight daily and use it to dominate the globe. We see the primacy of flight on every
  • From the Secretary of Defense: The integrity of the military justice process

    Military justice is an essential element of good order and discipline, the indispensable ingredient that allows our Armed Forces to be the best in the world. Central to military justice is the trust that those involved in the process base their decisions on their independent judgment. Their judgment, in turn, must be based purely on the facts of