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  • Honoring Women's History Month- Rhonda Cornum

    Character, courage, commitment--all terms that retired U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Rhonda Cornum exhibited throughout her career in the military and in her life in general. During the Persian Gulf War, then Major Cornum, was an Army flight surgeon with the 229th Attack Helicopter Regiment. She and seven others were aboard a Black Hawk helicopter on a
  • Failure is an event, not a person

    To fully understand the title, it's important to also understand and accept that failure is inevitable. We all experience difficulties, road-blocks, set-backs and failures in our never-ending goal toward achieving success. However, all of these are simply notches in the wood or mile markers on the road to success. Have you ever been given "an
  • Past Presidents Provide Perspective

    For the Air Force, 2014 is a year of opportunity and challenge. Certainly January has been challenging as we learned and continue to work through our force shaping initiatives to move ourselves to a more modern and lethal Air Force by 2023. As we move into February, Presidents Day is a time for reflection for me. This year, we can find a small
  • Building relationships in the work place

    Reflecting back on our careers, we recognize how the significance of building healthy relationships could have better equipped us within our workplace. The outcome of a dysfunctional relationship and its future ramification is an unknown. After 30 years of coaching, supervising and mentoring, I have applied four tools to forge and sustain
  • Fairchild Focus in the Eye of the Storm…our Airmen Count

    2014 will be another challenging year for our Air Force. Last year, as we stood on the eve of 2013, we did not clearly see the storms that were headed our way from sequester to government shutdown. Despite the difficulties, the strength of our Airmen and our excellent leadership allowed us to weather the storm and end the year as an award winning
  • AMC commander, chief send well holiday wishes

    As we continue through this holiday season and approach the new year, Ricki and I, along with Chief Kaiser and Debbie, want to share how extremely proud we are of you - our mobility Airmen and the mission you accomplish every day. Thank you for all you do in support of our great nation.Whether you're at home station or deployed to a forward
  • 2013...the 92nd Air Refueling Wing did it: Higher, Stronger, Faster

    We certainly are the world's most dominant Air Force, driven by excellent Airmen and powered by superior innovation. I have always maintained that innovation is our Air Force's lifeblood. Last December, I asked the 92nd Air Refueling Wing to fly higher, stronger and faster in 2013. Likewise, our 18th Air Force commander charged us to be bold. He
  • Embracing Diversity is the Cure to "Othering"

    If you are anything like me, you were scratching your head when you read the word "othering." I searched Dictionary.com and found no results. I went to Google, and there were over 3 million results. The most common entries were under philosophy, history and imperialism. The French philosopher Michael Foucault defined it in the most understandable
  • The Feedback Challenge

    Quite possibly the most horrific psychology experiment ever conducted the so-called, "Monster Study", relied on unethical methods to determine the effects of positive and negative speech therapy on children. Wendell Johnson of the University of Iowa selected 22 orphan children, some with stutters and some without. He engaged the stutterers in
  • Calibrating your moral compass

    The United States is recognized throughout the world as a superpower. With this title, our nation has the responsibility of managing world events, providing humanitarian aid and defending vital interest. These responsibilities are met through the use of advisors, agencies and departments. The United States Air Force is one department that has the