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  • Fairchild had a missile squadron… Who knew?

    When most think of Fairchild's rich heritage, they think of aircraft. Those who are young at heart but with a few more greys will remember Fairchild's role first as an air depot repairing aircraft during WWII and then later as a bomber base with the arrival of B-29 Superfortress bombers in 1947. Since then the base transitioned to B-36 Peacemakers
  • LGBT Pride Month: Turning back discrimination, prejudice everywhere

    This June marks the sixth year recognizing Pride month. In 2009, President Barack Obama proclaimed June as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month.Many people mistakenly assume Pride month is about celebrating one's sexual orientation. However, Pride Month is about turning back discrimination and prejudice everywhere it
  • Learn how to care for your mind, body

    This May is Mental Health Month and the Fairchild AFB Mental Health Clinic is raising awareness for the role mental health plays in our lives by providing tips and resources so anyone can take steps to promote good mental health.These include remaining physically fit with your mental health in mind through ensuring you are eating right, sleeping
  • 18th Air Force Commander’s Intent

    Ours is a time of great challenge and great opportunity - there has never been a more important time to lead our Airmen. During this time, I need each Airman in the 18th Air Force to lead with their sights clearly set on our mission and our people, while ensuring an environment of integrity where everyone can contribute to their maximum
  • Area defense counsel represents you in court

    Forty years ago, people could make the argument that the military justice system was stacked against the accused. The defense lawyers who represented accused persons in courts-martial, nonjudicial punishment and other adverse actions were appointed by the convening authority, who was typically the base commander. Both the prosecution and defense
  • Our military spouse…the military’s “Twelfth Man,” our “Twelfth Airman”

    "Because we are ready to play for our team if needed...we are all the 12th Man of the Team!" --Texas A&M University fight songWith the Seattle Seahawks Superbowl win, "Twelfth Man" references have been replete this year. The Seahawk fan base takes immense pride in their ability to generate crowd noise during home games and be the differencemaker
  • Fairchild’s fallen remembered… One year later “Freedom is Never Free”

    On Saturday, May 3, 2014, we will pause at 10 a.m. on our memorial walk near the chapel to unveil the Shell 77 memorial. It will be a short ceremony, it will be simple, it will be elegant--it will mirror the monument itself. The purpose of us gathering a year later is two-fold.One, we as a Fairchild family are gathering to tell the families, to
  • Join us for “Bike to Work Week”

    Remember summers before you were able to drive? When getting to the other side of town meant throwing on your best cargo shorts and jumping on your bike? As part of National Bike Month, Bike to Work Week 2014 will be held May 12 to 16, and it's the perfect time to put some air in your tires and break out the 'ol cruiser.In addition to instant
  • Fairchild’s April SAPR Focus: Dragons Can Be Killed

    This is my second April in command where we pause for a moment to emphasize our efforts to eradicate sexual assaults in our military. Certainly, this is not just a focus for April, but warrants 365 and 24/7 vigilance to battle back the scourge within our ranks that continues to corrode our trust. I have three reflections looking back over my time
  • Remembering a Women's rights pioneer: Deborah Sampson

    We have always heard stories about women who impersonated men in hopes of serving for their country. But how often are we actually told about those women who did just that? Women have always played a vital role in the military, since its earliest days -- whether they served as maids, cooks, spies or soldiers. Women were just as capable as men, they