Earth Day: everyone can have an impact

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Janelle Patiño
  • 92nd Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs
Multiple base agencies held events in celebration of Earth Day to highlight the importance of caretaking our planet. The events were geared toward the youth and included age-appropriate activities at the Child Development Center and Youth Center.

Earth Day is celebrated worldwide by more than a billion people every year. The day is reserved to appreciate the splendor of the planet and encourage people to unite for a sustainable future.

“Earth Day is a great way to remind everyone that taking care of the earth and environment requires everyone to do their part,” said Diane Wulf, 92nd Civil Engineer Squadron pollution prevention program manager. “We must always make sure to make good choices not just on Earth Day, but every day.”

Airmen observed the day by reading stories relating to Earth Day to children and had them plant their own seeds in a mini planter.

“Our goal is to teach the youth of Fairchild how each person can make a difference and encourage them to make good choices to protect the environment and the earth,” Wulf said.

The Air Force will also be celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, with innovation, teamwork and heritage being the key themes. All of which are relevant to how the base protects and sustains the environment while completing the mission.

“Fairchild does a great job both in the work place and housing areas to protect the environment,” Wulf added. “At Fairchild, we ask everyone to treat every day like Earth Day.”

The first Earth Day, when environmental awareness and protection started to become a national priority, was a turning point in our country, according to Wulf.

“By continually educating the youth about Earth Day and the environment, environmental protection will become a normal part of our lives,” Wulf added. “Making good environmental choices will be the norm, and not the exception for us.”