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  • It's Washington's Birthday

    As we prepare to celebrate Presidents' Day, it is probably a good time to inform you that there is no such thing. Although the calendars, store advertisers and newscasters celebrate the event as a day to recognize all of our presidents, the designation is unfounded when one looks at the history. Even though Presidents' Day has become the common
  • Fairchild Valentine's Day Messages

    The following are special Valentine's Day messages:To Mark, Nathan and Alex: Happy Valentine's Day! Mommy loves you and misses you. -Staff Sgt. Andrea Andrews To Sgt. Michael Bell: Happy Valentine's Day, son. We are very proud of you and love you lots. From Mom and Vern. -Vern and Micha Smith I would like to thank all of our Soldiers and Airmen out
  • Water Babies splash it up

    Pairing fun and education is always a good thing. Even better is education that's so much fun, you don't realize you're learning. Family Advocacy is offering that kind of fun to your young children every week at the Aquatic Center with Water Babies, a class held every Wednesday at 11 a.m. for pregnant women and parents with healthy children 8 weeks
  • Will this Groundhog Day yield 6 more weeks?

    With Groundhog Day comes the news everyone is waiting for: will it be an early spring or is it time to hunker down for six more weeks of wintry bliss? Where and why did the tradition of letting a groundhog predict the weather come into play? German settlers arrived in Pennsylvania in the 1700s, bringing some of their ancient traditions. One such
  • NASA engineers get survival training from SERE instructors

    What do NASA engineers and SERE instructors with the 66th Training Squadron here have to do with each other? NASA needed support for critical tests for the "Return to Flight" mission in the effort to get the space program back on track after the loss of Space Shuttle Columbia Feb. 1, 2003. In an effort to design human support elements for the
  • CATM simulates dangerous situations in safe environment

    Remember that old video game where you pointed a gun that shot a light beam at your television? Well, Security Forces has upped the ante with their Fire Arms Training Simulator. Here's how FATS works: an air system is hooked up to each weapon, which then recreates the actual kick of the firearm, while a laser shoots out at the screen and interacts
  • Christmas Day need not fall on Dec. 25

    For the past 20 years, Christmas Day in the Crossen household has included watching their favorite holiday movie, Frosty the Snowman, and opening all but the one gift they chose to open the night before. Most importantly, though, the day is about spending time with those who mean the most to them. This year, something is missing from that family
  • Deployed civilian scripts the tablet of history

    During any contingency, coming together as a team is critical. Every Team Fairchild unit provides valuable contributions to the successful accomplishment of any given mission at home or abroad. These deployable units are traditionally made up of flying squadrons and their maintenance counterparts, units from the mission support group, an allocation