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  • A true hero

    "A true hero." Those are the words used by Maj. Jeffery Ditlevson, 92nd Security Forces Squadron commander, when referring to Ray Garcia. Mr. Garcia joined the United States Air Force Air Police in 1957 at age 17, and from the beginning he knew he was going to make a career out of it. "I made up my mind. I was going to do 20, and I stuck to that."
  • Military dogs working for the community

    The 92nd Security Forces Squadron is the home to several military working dogs. Each dog is assigned a handler and trains daily. Each day has the purpose of advancing the dogs' ability to increase their stamina for searching for people and detecting odors. The Airmen who handle the military working dogs also know the importance of community
  • A commander's insight on deployment

    C-130 Hercules and C-17 Globemaster III aircrews cut through the sky. Those below raise their hands, not to rain, but to leaflets pouring from the big-bellied aircraft. The leaflets were a warning. The wings of our nation were on their way. This was one reflection on the time Col. Thomas Sharpy, 92nd Air Refueling Wing commander, spent while
  • Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift

    To the average American, June 26th is just another day on the calendar. But to citizens of West Berlin, it was a watershed moment - not once, but twice. To beleaguered West Berliners in 1948, June 26th represented "hope" as the 15-month Berlin Airlift began, symbolizing the promise of the western world - we would not leave Berliners behind the
  • Berlin Airlift lays foundation for today’s air mobility

    Sixty years ago today, the fledgling United States Air Force airlifted its first of 2.3 million tons of coal, food and supplies to the besieged city of Berlin. Stalin had cut off all ground transportation through Russian territory to the surrounded city of Berlin. The Berlin Airlift sustained a city of more than 2 million citizens for over a year,
  • Knowing weather more than just looking outside

    Spokane, Wash. experienced the latest snowfall in recorded history June 10. Snow? In June? Later that week, thunder storms and lightning; one storm seemingly appearing out of nowhere. For the general population, weather is something that just happens and has to be dealt with. But for a small flight within the 92nd Operations Support Squadron,
  • Command Chief offers parting words

    After 27 years of active-duty Air Force service, Chief Master Sgt. Paul Sikora, former 92nd Air Refueling Wing command chief, retired June 12 at a well-attended ceremony at Club Fairchild here. The chief is now on his way to Las Vegas, Nev., to spend time with his family, "play golf all summer," finish his Doctorate of Management and teach at an
  • New Bod Pod enhances body composition measurement

    Body composition measurement just became much easier and more accurate at Fairchild. The Health and Wellness Center has introduced the Bod Pod Body Composition Tracking system, an egg-shaped compartment that gives body composition and metabolism measurements in 10 minutes or less. Before the Bod Pod's arrival in April, body composition was measured
  • Team Fairchild provides presidential support

    The call comes in, and this is real, support is needed for Presidential support over Eastern Europe. The 92nd Air Refueling Wing was tasked as the lead unit and they were up for the challenge. Within 48 hours of receiving the task six jets and 11 crews had arrived to provide the needed support. Maj. Greg Hankins of the 92nd Air Refueling Wing
  • Recognizing Asian-Pacific Islander heritage

    On Dec. 21, 1972, a B-52G laden with 750-pound bombs and aerial mines departed Anderson Air Force Base, Guam. U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. James Yoshikazu Nagahiro -- former member of Fairchild's 92nd Bomb Wing -- was the pilot in command of the seven-member crew. Colonel Nagahiro's mission was part of the most concentrated air offensive of the war