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  • The hunt on Fairchild's airfield

    In the morning, when the ambient cast of the horizon is toned warm red, you'll likely find Steven Benson and Dave Knutson perusing Fairchild's airfield. One of the men is heavily armed with a barrage of cannons, a menacing looking twelve-gauge shotgun and an impressive pellet gun equipped with a massive sniper sight; the other gentleman is armed
  • Introduction to the Holocaust

    The United States Congress established the Days of Remembrance as our nation's annual commemoration of the Holocaust. The 2008 Days of Remembrance are April 27 - May 4, and Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) is May 2. Why is the Holocaust important to study? What do you perceive to be the most important lessons to be learned from the study of
  • Honor Guard pays tribute to fallen comrades

    Training never stops for the Fairchild Air Force Base Honor Guard. The group consists of more than 55 enlisted personnel who have a 53,209 square-mile area of responsibility. Each enlisted troop is assigned to one of four flights that report directly to the honor guard training room for one week every month. During that week each enlisted member
  • MABOS, local children's heart ward surpasses community milestone

    The Manas Air Base Outreach Society and the local Children's Heart Ward recently passed a milestone in the community. With support, donations and hope from the base, the two doctors who perform heart surgeries for free recently performed their 100th. During a trip to meet the doctors and the 100th patient March 29, a small group Manas Air Base
  • Women’s History Month: Airman finds place as pilot, role model

    1st Lt. Manuela Peters, a pilot in the 93rd Air Refueling Squadron, was recently awarded Air Mobility Command's 2008 Women's History Month Science Technology Engineering and Math Role Model Award. This award identifies and recognizes Department of Defense military and civilian personnel who have distinguished themselves in support of the Global War
  • Paint Shop beautifies Fairchild

    The 92nd Civil Engineer Squadron paint shop provides striping, markings and signs for more than 334,000 linear feet of road at Fairchild, which equates to 64 miles. The shop also applied 1,500 gallons of paint coating to half-a-million square feet of surface area. This is a pretty amazing task considering the paint shop is composed of six
  • An Air Force adventure

    It was a dark and stormy night. Typically this is how a children's horror story begins, but for Col. Clarence LeMeiux (ret.), it was an all too true beginning to one of the most extreme adventures in his military career. The Great Depression was nipping at the heels of the Americans. Joining the military, being provided $21 a month, was a glowing
  • PTU provides valuable training

    The plane is losing cabin pressure rapidly, you're 30,000 feet in the air, and you notice you're in an emergency situation. This is one of many simulated scenarios that the Aerospace Physiological Training Unit prepares aircrew for during altitude chamber training. The primary purpose of the training is for students to determine what their hypoxia
  • 36 Rescue Flight rescues Idaho teen

    The night was clear, the air was brisk but not extremely cold, and the moon was nowhere to be found. Sounds like a perfect evening for star gazing, unless you're lost on a mountain all by yourself. Late Sunday night, the 36th Rescue Flight at Fairchild was called into action to help find a missing 15 year-old lost skier in Idaho. Within two hours,
  • Munitions Airman chosen for recruiting magazine

    At 16 years old, Darron Kain knew he was destined to join the Air Force. He wanted to do something important with his life, support his country and make his parents proud. One month out of high school, at 17 years old, he raised his right hand to recite the oath of enlistment. Almost four years later, the Stockton, Calif., native is a senior airman