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  • Strengthening our Wingman Climate

    If you take a look around, it is evident Team Fairchild is strengthening our Wingman Climate. This is evidenced by a variety of happenings across the base. Two examples are the Phoenix Spouse program and the Redeployment, Reunion and Reintegration process. These efforts are driven by one of our wing's critical objectives: Strengthening our Wingman
  • Airmen‚Ķrealizing the vision in everyday actions

    During last week's commander's calls I focused on the vision of our wing strategic plan and the positive actions in motion that support our Professional Expeditionary Airmen. Throughout my comments, I communicated how our wing's objectives tie closely with Air Force Priorities and Air Mobility Command Objectives. Ensuring that we are in step with
  • Airmen must make responsible choices

    About a year ago, the Air Force focused efforts on embracing a "Culture of Responsible Choices." The objective is to encourage our Airmen to make choices that produce safe and healthy lifestyles - emphasizing personal responsibility and accountability for decisions made on and off-duty. Furthermore, through a successful program, our people stay
  • Winter Clothing: What to wear and when?

    With the inclement weather now, and the in the future, it is time to re-address the wear of winter clothing items while in uniform. The black watch cap is optional for wear with the Battle Dress Uniform, flight suit, special purpose, and organizational uniforms as appropriate for climatic conditions. The watch cap may only be worn while performing
  • Celebrating 60 years of Air Power

    This year we commemorate the 60th anniversary of our United States Air Force, providing us an opportunity to pause and reflect on our service's proud heritage of integrity, service and excellence. Since its inception in 1947, the Air Force has established itself as the preeminent provider of air and space capabilities in the world. We are proud of
  • Building a culture of excellence

    Excellence is a journey, not a destination. It is important we remember this point as we prepare for an extraordinarily busy summer at Fairchild. Our first Unit Compliance Inspection since April of 2004 will be a big event. A team from Air Mobility Command's Inspector General is coming July 31 to look at how well we comply with Air Force
  • Bringing Fairchild communication into the 21st Century

    Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a safe, relaxing holiday break, and also hope you are as eager as I am to make this year even more successful than 2006. The New Year always brings changes, and I'm excited to tell you about two of them. Airmen's Center The Cybercafé and recreation rooms adjacent to the dorms are undergoing a transformation to an
  • PT Program Crucial for Mission Success

    If your current physical training program is focused on scoring above a 75 on your annual physical test, it is time to reevaluate the true reason Airmen must be "Fit to Fight." Given the current operations tempo and world situation, Airmen are likely to get the opportunity to deploy and serve the country in a place where the climate is much more
  • Being a good Wingman for families

    The holidays are just around the corner and many of us are looking forward to reuniting with friends and family to celebrate. Now more than ever it is important that we are also good Wingmen to the families of our Airmen serving overseas. Family Readiness An important ingredient of family readiness is supporting families with Airmen deployed. Our