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  • Let’s remember them

    This coming weekend, most of us will enjoy a Monday off in celebration of Veteran's Day. As you take some well-deserved time off from your duties, I encourage you to remember the legacy of sacrifice and honor for which this holiday was established.There are 83, 408 Americans still officially listed as missing in action from World War II, the Korean
  • Leadership Isn’t …

    I know, I know ... you're thinking why would I start this with, "Leadership isn't" instead of with, "Leadership is" right? Well, that's because I want to take a slightly different approach. We have extremely phenomenal leaders in our Air Force, both past and present. We are lucky to have a new wing commander here at Fairchild who is a true breath
  • Think before you hit send

    Harassment occurs when conduct results in unreasonable interference with an employee's work performance or the creation of a hostile work environment. Subsequently a hostile work environment develops when discriminatory conduct or offensive behavior permeates the workplace. Keep in mind what someone may perceive as a compliment or harmless, someone
  • Communication: the key to a good weekend

    "Flexibility is the key to airpower""Fly, Fight, Win""Mission First, People Always" Organizations in general love their slogans. They are meant to provide identity, rally support and provide a vision for the future. And yet I've never seen an effective slogan about the power of communication when the very purpose of a slogan is to emphasize the
  • Can you answer these questions?

    Would you consider yourself a great leader? Does your leadership style come naturally or are you still trying to develop it through personal experiences? There are a few schools of thought that insist leadership is purely genetic and only a few select have the potential to be great leaders. My hats off to those chosen few, but the reality is that
  • I am Air Force Energy

    October is Energy Action Month. This year's theme is "I am Air Force Energy." As the theme implies, whether you are a military member, civilian or contractor, your ideas are vital to improving efficiency.In the last six years, Airmen in Air Mobility Command have reduced aviation fuel consumption 4 percent, ground fuel consumption 6 percent and
  • Thoughts on leadership, management

    What is leadership? What is management? How are these two concepts interrelated in an organization? We all want to lead and not be managed and definitely not micromanaged. The relationship between leadership and management is sometimes difficult to grasp, although we can often define what it is through simple definitions. What sets the Military
  • Fiscal responsibility

    As a comptroller I think of everything in terms of expenses to the base. When I walk into a building I can't help but think of the overhead costs (gas, electricity, depreciation, interest, insurance, repairs, etc.) necessary to maintain that building day after day. And as I observe the men and women working around the base adding so much value to
  • Take the time to enjoy your marriage

    It's been more than eight months since my wife and I went out on a date. A recent deployment to Iraq, daily work crises and the school work and extracurricular activities between our five children constantly put fresh demands on our time. Like many couples, we spend so much time dealing with our daily stressors, fulfilling our roles as parents and
  • 2012 CFC campaign underway at Fairchild

    The Combined Federal Campaign had a great start Sept. 28 thanks to Team Fairchild. If you haven't had a chance yet to fill out your pledge form, contact your unit's CFC representative today! By making a donation through payroll deduction, you can give a little each month without having to sacrifice a large sum of money. So, a $10 per month