• A life of service

    A woman’s work is never done, and for those currently serving in today’s Air Force, the opportunity to undertake additional responsibility has never been greater. Although the legacy of answering the nation’s call is not a new enterprise, the present atmosphere of equality and recognition is. During

  • Case Closed: Office of Special Investigation takes top Air Force honors

    The Office of Special Investigation here walked away with the “2005 Air Force OSI Small Detachment of the Year” award March 16. The detachment competed for the award against more than 200 other small detachments world wide. “The key to our success was our balanced approach to all of our core mission

  • Fire injures 2, evacuates 250

    Two people were injured and nobody died after a civil engineering work center caught fire Monday at approximately 1:35 p.m. A civilian contractor was taken to a downtown hospital for treatment for singed facial hair and a firefighter was taken to the on-base optometry clinic for treatment of a

  • Family, friends will miss Medical Group Airman

    As the white-gloved-hands of a lone honor guard member delicately placed a red, blue and white wreath on the altar, many stood in somber silence to pay their final respects to a fallen hero during a memorial service on Tuesday at the Base Chapel here. Staff Sgt. Matthew Walrod, 25, aerospace medical

  • Exchanging with down under

    The mission of U.S. Air Force’s refueling aircraft is to carry out global air refueling, airlift and humanitarian assignments. Here at Fairchild, that mission isn’t accomplished only by U.S. pilots. Foreign exchange pilots from Australia assigned to Fairchild help their U.S. counterparts achieve

  • Fairchild Security Forces assist Army to safeguard Camp Bucca

    After more than six months in Iraq, Fairchild defenders are back from a deployment to Camp Bucca which allowed them to help their Army counterparts and be a part of history. Camp Bucca is the largest internment facility in the theater of operation. Named after Ronald Bucca, a soldier and a New York

  • New Priest brings experience, dedication

    The road of life has violent, hairpin corners even the bravest of super bike riders wouldn’t willingly take at speed. In the real world, we have Wing Safety to tell us to be careful – but spiritually we have chaplains to help guide us over the dangerous roads of life. This is where experience really

  • There’s always a victim

    After a long work week, a twenty-something year old decides to go out to a local club with some friends to have a little fun and put the week behind her. After spending an hour or two getting ready, the girls hop in their designated driver’s car and head to their favorite spot. At the club, they