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  • Fairchild aircrew teams with Maxwell medics for aeromedical evacuation

    Typically, the KC-135 Stratotanker is known for its aerial refueling, but a Fairchild aircrew that returned here Sunday had the opportunity to demonstrate one of the aircraft's other roles - aeromedical evacuation. The crew of three, all new to this type of mission, was teamed with an Air Force Reserve medical unit out of Maxwell Air Force Base,
  • Technical sergeant promotion via video teleconference

    Kevin Ritter was STEP promoted to technical sergeant Saturday during a video teleconference meeting with Col. Scott Hanson, 92nd Air Refueling Wing commander. Sergeant Ritter, 92nd Civil Engineer Squadron NCO in charge of customer service, was in Southwest Asia. Colonel Hanson was in the Fairchild command post. Chief Master Sgt. Mark Luzader, 92nd
  • New master sergeant ends week with additional stripe

    Technical Sgt. Brian Lawrence, 92nd Aeromedical Dental Squadron NCO in charge of aerospace physiology training flight operations, was briefing a class in a conference room Sept. 15 when Col. Scott Hanson, 92nd Air Refueling Wing commander, and Chief Master Sgt. Mark Luzader, 92nd ARW command chief, arrived to deliver some news.They STEP promoted
  • Ball remembers, celebrates Air Force heritage

    Team Fairchild commemorated the Air Force's 59th birthday Saturday with a ball themed "Lasting heritage...Limitless horizons."The event, which drew more than 500 people representing Fairchild and the local community, was held in the historic Building 2050, hangars 2 and 4."Under this (hangar's) roof literally thousands of P-51s and B-17s returned
  • Maintainers improving system through AFSO21

    If you could reduce the number of steps an Airman in the 92nd Maintenance Squadron's Periodic Inspection Element has to climb everyday, you could give him back a lot of time. It would also be an excellent example of Air Force Smart Operations 21 in action. Until recently, working inside the cargo area of the KC-135 was a cluttered space during
  • Airmen and families gather for retreat ceremony to remember 9/11

    Five years later, Fairchild hasn't forgotten. In a ceremony here Monday afternoon, Fairchild honored the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks as well as the 2,900 Americans who have lost their lives fighting the Global War on Terrorism since 9/11. "You've heard the saying that freedom isn't free," said Col. Scott Hanson, 92nd Air
  • 141st ARW supporting border patrol, enhancing national security

    Members of the Washington Air National Guard 141st Civil Engineer Squadron and their counterparts from the Wyoming ANG recently deployed to San Diego to help shore up border security as part of the California Innovative Readiness Training program known as Task Force Grizzly. Fifty 141st Air Refueling Wing personnel, working in conjunction with U.S.
  • Spokane civic leaders, media fly refueling mission celebrating KC-135's 50th anniversary

    A group of 40 Spokane business society members joined Team Fairchild Wednesday to commemorate the 50th birthday of the Air Force's primary refueling aircraft.The Boeing Company debuted the KC-135 in Aug. 1956, and it was delivered to the Air Force a year later. To this date, the aircraft has supported armed conflict and humanitarian operations in
  • Wing historian relives joys, trials of old Fairchild KC-135 airframe

    "Start the water!" When I was a copilot in the KC-135A model here at Fairchild back in 1979, that order from the aircraft commander filled me with excitement and anxiety -- excitement because we were starting our takeoff roll and anxiety because I never knew if the aircraft's water injection system was actually going to work. The A model, or "steam
  • Fairchild hits MatchUP target, celebrates with food and fun

    More than 2,600 Fairchild Airmen and their families attended the 2006 MatchUP Family Fun Day Aug. 25 at Miller Park. Food, beverages and entertainment were free for the attendees. MatchUP is an Air Mobility Command wide contest administered locally by the 92nd Services Squadron. During the four-hour event, Fairchild achieved 100 percent of its