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  • National Prayer Breakfast unites Americans worldwide

    For more than 50 years, this nation has been praying as one ... officially. On Feb. 1, we'll continue that trend with the National Prayer Breakfast. Originally called the Presidential Prayer Breakfast, the annual dedicated prayer time started with President Dwight D. Eisenhower and his Congress members in 1953. Since then, the practice has grown
  • Environmental assessments available for public review

    Environmental assessments and findings of no significant impact have been prepared in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, the Council on Environmental Quality, and Air Force regulations to analyze the potential environmental consequences of proposals to construct two new facilities. One EA analyzes potential impacts from
  • Fairchild takes the next step in the progression of news delivery

    By April 1, the way Fairchild Airmen and the community receive their base news will take on a new twist with a shift from the traditional base newspaper to a solely electronic product. All Fairchild news will be found on the base public Web site, http://public.fairchild.amc.af.mil/. "This new format will allow the public affairs office to
  • Heartlink helps spouses

    Ahhh ... You're finally at Fairchild, your new base. The end of moving stress is almost tangible, you have a new Air Force family and Spokane is waiting for your exploration. If you're the non-uniformed spouse in this picture, you may also be alone in your unfamiliar house, friendless, and clueless about military rules, acronyms, customs - in
  • Fairchild Climate Survey gives members a voice

    Have a great supervisor you'd like to highlight? A work environment that needs improvement? A morale complaint you'd rather voice anonymously? Well, gather your thoughts - your open forum starts Wednesday with the wing-wide unit climate assessment. "I'd like to receive feedback from every person in the wing eligible to participate in this UCA,"
  • They're here to save your life

    Sixty-six made it in. Only 33 made it out. On Dec. 15, in a display of honor and accomplishment, less than three dozen new Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape specialists received a graduation certificate, a sage beret, and an appreciation letter delivered personally by Congresswoman Cathy McMorris. After almost six months of intensive, grueling
  • Construction project begins at Fairchild Medical Group

    The 92nd Medical Group is beginning a renovation project that will improve the appearance and function of the facility. Col. Scott Hanson, 92nd Air Refueling Wing commander, and Col. Barbara Jefts, 92nd Medical Group commander, helped to kick off Phase I of the renovation project Jan. 5 by enthusiastically crashing sledge hammers through walls of
  • Why is that road on base called “Bong” Street?

    Bong Street is named after Richard I. Bong, America's "Ace of Aces." While flying the P-38 fighter in the Pacific during World War II, Bong achieved 40 aerial victories, the most by any pilot in U.S. history. Bong grew up on a farm in Poplar, Wis. and began flight training in California in June 1941. He later went to advanced fighter training in
  • Congratulations captain selects

    Congratulations to the following Fairchild first lieutenants for being selected to the rank of captain:92nd Comptroller Squadron Joshua Cherkinsky 92nd Operations Support Squadron Mary Hoffman 92nd Air Refueling Squadron Juan Amaya Jeffrey Ballenski Russell Healy Rodger Malmgren Toby Pellenz David Rachal Matthew Ritenour David Schuster Ian Slazinik
  • Know the difference between unattended and suspicious packages

    Many people wonder why a change in force protection conditions on Fairchild results in a flood of reports of suspicious packages with mandatory building evacuations. Confusion between an unattended package and a suspicious package is generally the reason this happens. A heightened security posture requires building occupants to look for and report