• PHOTOS: Sky's No Limit - "She is Anything" Airshow 2024

    Attendees toured the KC-135 and spoke to the pilots and in-flight refueling specialists about their responsibilities and capabilities. Since 2012, over 140,000 women and girls of all ages and cultures have attended the Sky's No Limit airshow. The all-female KC-135 aircrew assigned to the 384th Air

  • Skyfest 2019 takes flight over Fairchild

    Team Fairchild hosted the Inland Northwest Skyfest 2019 Open House and Airshow for more than 70,000 members of the Inland Northwest community at Fairchild Air Force Base on June 22, 2019. Skyfest 2019 had the largest amount of visitors the base has seen in a decade. The event featured more than 13