92nd CONS beta tests new contracting training program, reshaping processes across Air Force

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Morgan Dailey
  • 92nd Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs

Team Fairchild’s 92nd Contracting Squadron was one of two bases to beta test and provide feedback for a new and improved Calendar Year 2023 Contingency Contracting Training Program in November 2022.

While the previous annual training focused only on performing contracting’s roles and responsibilities in while deployed, the new training implements agile combat employment concepts and multi-capable airmen training.

“The 92nd Contracting Squadron reached out to the Air Force Contingency Contracting Training Lead and expressed interest in providing feedback for the CY22 training,” said Maj. Brett Barnes, 92nd CONS commander. “Our responses were so helpful, the manager of Expeditionary Operations at Wright-Patterson AFB asked if Team Fairchild would be interested in beta testing the CY23 training.”

The 92nd CONS’ goal was to evaluate and provide feedback on the effectiveness of the new training program before it was implemented in January 2023.

"The feedback and changes identified by Fairchild were incorporated for the entire Air Force,” said Senior Master Sgt. David Briden, 92nd CONS senior enlisted leader. “The bare base training beta test team identified thirty-one changes adopted by higher headquarters reshaping the program for seventy-two bases with nearly two-thousand personnel active duty Airmen.”

The training program gives Airmen an understanding of the challenges they might face, and methods to overcome the anticipated obstacles. From learning the base’s unique structure and requirements, to working through the language barrier while deployed.

“Our squadron has a lot of cross trainees and younger Airmen who have never deployed as a contracting Airman,” said Master Sgt. Matthew Rumptz, 92nd CONS construction flight superintendent. “This training provides a solid foundation of what deploying from our unit can look like.”

Rumptz also explained the importance of receiving this training prior to deployment as the contracting process is streamlined while downrange, allowing the base to work more efficiently. Deployed Contracting Airmen are expected to operate independently to meet all mission needs.

Contracting Airmen work directly with locals on a continuous basis, researching the market and working with vendors for the product or services that best fulfill the base’s needs.

The 92nd CONS supports warfighting capabilities through responsive business solutions, allowing Team Fairchild to carry out it’s mission of providing Rapid Global Mobility anytime, anywhere.