S.T.A.R card saves

  • Published
  • By Airman First Class Earlandez Young
  • 92nd Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs

"Every Base Exchange shopper should have a military STAR card," said Mark K. Boyer, general manager at the BX, here. "It's a great credit vehicle. Our mission is to provide a dividend to the Morale Welfare Recreation fund of the Army and the Air Force."

The Armed and Air Force Exchange Service donates money to Fairchild every year for reasons such as people using their STAR card rather than using their debit or credit card. In the fiscal year 2010, the exchange provided $468,155 to the MWR of Fairchild.
Mr. Boyer said, if more people were to use the STAR card that number could grow easily. In the year 2010, Team Fairchild AAFES paid over $326,000 in credit card fees.
"The numbers tell it all," said Mr. Boyer. "If more people on base use their STAR card than their credit card, they would be in a position where they could do more for themselves and for Fairchild. That's some thousand dollars that would have gone to our MWR fund."

Airman 1st Class Desmond Pearson has had his STAR card for some time now and says it has gotten his credit score a huge boost.

"Before, I had no credit and I hear that is just like having bad credit," he said. "Since I've been using my STAR card, my credit score has taken flight. I now have a car, which I didn't have to put anything down for, and I've never been late when paying my bill for my card. It's basically impossible."

Steve Rose who is a consultant at the Airmen Family Readiness Center says he helps Young Airmen daily with financial needs, concerns and tips on managing money.

"The STAR card is a fabulous way to establish credit," he said. "It's fairly easy to access, has a low interest rate and a positive upswing to it. "We encourage Airmen to get a STAR card, so when they come in we point them to that direction. The main key is, make payments."

The STAR card is authorized to anyone with access to shop at the BX.

"You can also save 16 percent off a gallon of gas if you use your STAR card," said Mr. Boyer.With the way gas is now days, that 16 percent will come in handy," Mr. Boyer added.

The 13 year Army Desert Storm Veteran says he has had his STAR card since it was called the Deferred Payment Plan.

"When it comes to the STAR card, I can think of a whole lot of do's and a don't doesn't come to mind," said Mr. Boyer. "I've had a STAR card ever since I was in the military, and I believe in it. It's simple, so when you read the content you don't have to worry about being tricked. This is here for your service."

· No annual fee
· 16 percent per gallon off gas
· Uniform clothing plan
· Low interest rate
· Useable at any Base Exchange, Pose Exchange or at any AAFES-owned stores
· Can earn free food fast
· Can shop online at shop.aafes.com
· Can earn Military STAR Rewards card