92nd Vehicle Maintenance Keeps it Rollin'

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Michael Means
  • 92nd Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs
If it has wheels, an engine and uses gasoline, the 92nd Logistics Readiness Squadron vehicle maintenance crew here is more than likely responsible for all of its bumper to bumper maintenance.

"Big picture...we keep the mission going," said Master Sgt. Kenneth Lagerquist, 92nd Logistics Readiness Squadron vehicle maintenance superintendent. "We support the flying mission by keeping the runway clear of snow during the winter season and ensuring all ground equipment is operational to get the job done."

Fairchild's vehicle maintenance team manages nearly 500 vehicles and equipment.

They do this by maintaining the base's government-leased vehicles to include coordinating their maintenance downtown.

The base's most critical assets, however, are kept close to home.

LRS does their own inspections, diagnostics and repairs of every kind. Sometimes this means rebuilding entire vehicle components. All critical assets are maintained by vehicle maintenance minimizing the downtime of vehicles substantially.

"We get a quicker turn around by us maintaining them," said Lagerquist. "It allows us to respond to emergency mobile maintenance calls without having to schedule with a contractor downtown."

They maintain a variety of vehicles, including fire trucks, aircraft re-fuelers, forklifts, cargo loaders, and other general and special purpose vehicles. Whether the vehicles need an oil change, paint job or an engine rebuilt, vehicle maintenance keeps Fairchild's ground equipment in the fight, supporting the mission.

"Snow removal vehicles, deicers, fire trucks and re-fuelers are our most critical assets and it takes a total team effort to keep everything running," said Lagerquist. "We try our best to keep these up and running, but every squadron has a minimum essential level of how many vehicles they will need on a daily basis to ensure they can perform their part."

The vehicle maintenance flight performs an average of 85 percent unscheduled maintenance and 15 percent scheduled each month.

"Having such a great team of mechanics ensures servicemembers will be able to complete their mission wherever they go," said Col. Michael Hill, 92nd Mission Support Group commander. "Everything on base gets where it needs to go in a timely and efficient manner."

Donald Simmons, 92nd LRS vehicle maintenance customer service technician said the strength holding these mechanics together is their dedication.

"We are a unit that supports Fairchild's mission," Simmons said. "We prioritize and do what we can to get the mission accomplished, without our assets moving you would be sitting."

Although vehicle maintenance may be overlooked on a day-to-day basis, the mission here would be greatly affected without having the backbone of the vehicle fleet, said Hill.

Senior Airman William Smith, 92nd LRS vehicle maintenance technician said the products that vehicle maintenance puts out contributes daily to a successful flying mission.

"Without vehicle maintenance, the base wouldn't operate at its fullest potential," said Smith