Fairchild HAWC promotes a better lifestyle

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Michael Means
  • 92nd Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs
Hidden in the fitness center is a haven for escaping stress, learning how to eat healthier and achieving a leaner body.

Any Department of Defense identification card holder in need of current fitness or nutritional information is welcome to use the Health and Wellness Center.

"Many people view the HAWC as a place where you go when you fail a fitness assessment and you're in trouble," said Will Saultes, 92nd Aerospace Medicine Squadron HAWC health promotion manager.

Ultimately, the HAWC encourages better health and wellness for Team Fairchild. They promote healthy lifestyle choices that improve combat readiness and help prevent disease and injury.

"I believe the members who take advantage of our programs realize we love and are passionate about what we do. The HAWC has a knowledgeable staff who cares, we can provide the information and assistance an individual may need to achieve their fitness," said Saultes.

The HAWC's dietitian says people can enhance their performance and health with their diets. For this reason the HAWC has a state-of-the art kitchen for cooking and nutrition demonstrations.

"Consuming the right nutrients and focusing on whole foods that have minimal processing can have a tremendous impact on how a person feels and performs, both on the job and during exercise," said Alyson Kresser, 92nd AMDS HAWC registered dietitian. "Proper nutrition is essential for overall wellness, regardless of fitness level. When our bodies are missing essential nutrients, we don't work as efficiently and we feel sluggish and tired."

Another tool for members of Team Fairchild to attain and maintain physical fitness is the Bod Pod. This machine accurately measures a person's body fat and lean muscle mass.

"The Bod Pod is a great tool for both beginners starting a new exercise program and for experienced fitness enthusiasts who want to confirm their current program is providing the results they desire," said Saultes.

"We pride ourselves on keeping current with the most up-to-date studies available and we use this information to implement all our programs," Saultes added. "Our three-person staff is dedicated to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals."

A relaxation area is located in the lobby with massage chairs and a library of books and DVDs on a wide array of topics concerning health and living well that people can use anytime. They are open Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For more information, call 509-247-5590 or pay them a visit. To find the HAWC, visitors should walk through the main fitness center entrance and continue to the back wall. The HAWC is located through the double doors on the left.