Letter to Airmen: Raising Air Force Preparedness through Emergency Awareness

  • Published
  • By Col. Brian Newberry
  • 92nd Air Refueling Wing commander
Each September we commemorate National Preparedness Month, first launched in 2004 to increase emergency preparedness in the U.S.

As we now leave September behind and move toward winter, it is imperative to prepare ourselves, those in our care and our communities for any emergency situation.

The severe wind storms of August and dramatic world events demonstrate that emergencies can happen unexpectedly to communities just like ours. Whether naturally occurring, man-made, or technological, these threaten the safety of our personnel and jeopardize mission accomplishment.

Emergency preparedness is the responsibility of every member of our Air Force team and that includes our families. It takes a collective approach to ensure that we are ready for any crisis.

As we move into fall, I encourage every member of our community to apply the lessons of September's National Preparedness Month and discuss the potential local hazards.

Put together an emergency supply kit, make an emergency plan and join in local efforts to become a partner in preparedness. Only by working together as a team can we truly "Be Ready" for emergencies.

The Air Force "Be Ready" Awareness Campaign ensures our community has the knowledge needed to prepare for, respond to and recover from any emergency. Through our local campaign, we can raise awareness concerning hazards that may affect all of us thereby strengthening the resilience of our community.

I encourage each commander, staff agency lead and supervisor to address this campaign throughout the year and not just during September by including emergency preparedness information in your staff meetings, commander's calls and similar venues.

Our installation's Emergency Management office has a variety of campaign products available to support your efforts as well as advice for winter-related emergency preparedness. I urge you to make use of their talent and passion.

Ultimately, a culture of preparedness should be at the forefront of our minds, for the sake and safety of our Airmen, friends and families. Fueling Freedom starts at home when we are prepared.

For more information the EM office can be reached at 509-247-1413 or 509-247-4815.