Independence Day - Bold and Innovative Leadership

  • Published
  • By General Darren W. McDew
  • Commander, Air Mobility Command
As we take a moment to spend time with family and friends over the long holiday weekend, let us not forget what Independence Day truly represents-the birth of our great nation, as bold leaders stood up and declared our independence.

Our nation fought for and declared its independence 238 years ago, paving the way for the freedoms we still enjoy today. As Airmen in the world's finest Air Force, we are committed to ensuring our nation's security, and gratefully take responsibility for defending the freedom and democracy we celebrate. Like our forefathers, it is the character of our Airmen to stand up for the freedom we hold so dear.

The founding fathers were bold leaders. They inspired a generation of people to take a stand for our basic rights: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It took bold leaders to achieve independence. It was not easy and it did not come without cost.

Our mobility enterprise faces many challenges, and it will take bold and innovative leaders to solve them. I've seen firsthand how our military is successful because of talented, innovative, and bold men and women who are unafraid to tackle the toughest challenges. America's freedom and future success depends on men and women, like you, who are ready to lead into the uncertainties of tomorrow.

We still fight today to protect those freedoms that previous generations have fought for. All of those who have served and currently serving this country play a role every day. We work hard at home and abroad to protect the freedoms we enjoy and we cannot take them for granted. We must continue to stand up for what we treasure most and safeguard what we swore an oath to protect.

So, as you celebrate with family and friends and enjoy the fireworks and parades that mark this special day, I urge you to take time to remember what Independence Day is all about.

Thank you for your service and for the amazing things you do every day. Your selfless efforts allow us to enjoy celebrations like this one. Let us be truly thankful for the amazing gift of liberty.