Winter Clothing: What to wear and when?

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Ray Johnson
  • 92nd Medical Group first sergeant
With the inclement weather now, and the in the future, it is time to re-address the wear of winter clothing items while in uniform.

The black watch cap is optional for wear with the Battle Dress Uniform, flight suit, special purpose, and organizational uniforms as appropriate for climatic conditions. The watch cap may only be worn while performing duties outdoors and in conjunction with the field jacket, Gortex jacket, or parka.

The watch cap will be worn so that it fits squarely and snugly on the head with the front edge approximately 1 to 1 1/2 inches above the eyebrows. The cap may be rolled down to cover the ears during extremely cold weather.

The Gortex parka may be worn without the Gortex pants; however, Gortex pants must be worn with parka. The fleece Gortex liner may not be worn by itself as an outer garment.

The Gortex parka/pants may be worn by aircrew while performing duties in the immediate vicinity of their aircraft; otherwise only Nomex flight jackets will be worn with flight uniform. Gortex is not authorized for wear in flight by aircrew members

In addition, the brown wool sweater or polypropylene sleeping shirt is authorized for wear with the BDU. It will not be worn as an outer garment and BDU sleeves will not be rolled up.

The fleece Gortex liner may not be worn by itself as an outer garment.

When wearing BDUs, Airmen have a choice of wearing gloves with or without an outer garment. They may wear black leather, knitted, tricot or suede, or a combination of leather, knitted, tricot, and suede gloves.

For all other uniforms, gloves are worn with outer garments only.