AMC commander’s greeting

  • Published
  • By Gen. Arthur Lichte
  • Air Mobility Command commander
To the Men and Women of Air Mobility Command:
As we return to AMC, my wife, Chris, and I are humbled and honored to serve beside the professional and dedicated mobility warriors who make our nation's Global Reach a reality. As your new commander, I look forward to serving with you as we carry forward the enduring legacy of our command.

Right up front let me tell you what I mean when I say "Air Mobility Command." I mean the total force--active, guard, reserve, civilians, contractors, AND their families. We need each and every one of you to make the team successful--and successful you have been!

Air Mobility Command's rapid, flexible, and global mobility remains a key pillar of U.S. military strategy and plays a vital role in our nation's security. Not only do you carry our nation's warriors and leaders to faraway places, but you make it look easy, just like the crew of Air Force One did this Labor Day weekend when they took President Bush to Iraq. Our tanker bridge, airlift bridge, and aeromedical evacuation operations not only shape world events, they are the enabler of our expeditionary Air Force.

We all know you can deliver the clenched fist of our military arsenal or provide the outstretched hand of compassion to any nation in need. This is what we train for, it's what you accomplish every day, and it's what we symbolize. As we prepare to celebrate the 60th anniversary of our Air Force, we must never forget that it is the dedication, excellence and sacrifice of our people and their families which make our Air Force the best in the world.

I am excited to be a part of the AMC total force team as we continue pressing forward with supporting the Secretary's and Chief's top 3 priorities: fighting and winning the Global War on Terror, caring for Airmen and their families, and recapitalizing & modernizing our fleet. And as we build upon a solid foundation of excellence and innovation, there is no limit to the horizons we will reach. Enhanced command and control systems, digital backbones for our airframes, precision airdrop through the Joint Precision Airdrop System, and the KC-X are just the beginning. We are the starting lineup on the winning team during the most critical time in our nation's history, and the best is yet to come.

Chris and I look forward to meeting you as we visit your base over the next several months. We pledge every ounce of our energy to you, the men and women of the air mobility total force...on the home front, on the deployed front, on the flight line, and in the air. As fellow airmen, we are proud to be back in AMC to serve with and support the families of this nation's next "greatest generation." Words cannot express how honored I am to wear the AMC patch yet again. It doesn't get any better than this--Global Reach for America--priceless!